Wednesday War News: Response to “Truce” Violations: Crossings Remain Closed; Diskin: Swap of Prisoners for Dead Captives Will Risks Schalit’s Life; Stonings and Bombings of IDF, Civilians in Yesha, 8 Terrorists Nabbed

2 Wounded in [Tuesday] Afternoon Kassam Attack (Update)

[Regime Response to Truce Violations] Barak Orders Border Crossings to Remain Closed in Response to Kassams

‘Swapping Live Prisoners for Dead Reservists Will Risk Schalit’s Life’


“Diskin: …If such a prisoner swap is carried out, Schalit’s captors would feel free to kill him, safe in the knowledge that Israel would still agree to a deal for his dead body.”

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Why Samir Kuntar Mustn’t Go Home, by Judy Montagu (Jerusalem Post)


“The prospect of this unreconstructed killer leaving the prison cell in which he so deservedly belongs sticks in the throat of every decent person.”

Another Bad Deal (Jerusalem Post Editorial)

IDF Counterterrorism [in Hevron, Jenin] Efforts Yield Eight Terrorists

Terrorists Bomb IDF Troops [in Vicinity of Shechem] Overnight; No Injuries

Rock-Throwing Terror Continues in Samaria

Israeli Vehicle Stoned Near Nablus [Shechem]

5 Border Guard Officers Hurt in Anti-Wall Arab Protests [in Billage of Bili’in]

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