Thursday Night War News: More Rockets, Mortar Attack, Sderot Girls Hurt Running for Shelter on “Color Red” Warning; Rock Attacks Near Shechem

Terrorists Fire Rocket, Hit Gaza [Sderot “Color Red” Warning System Sounded]

Two Sderot Girls Hurt While Running for Shelter During Kassam Attack

Rocket Attack on Sderot

Miracle in Miflasim: None Wounded in Synagogue [Rocket] Attack [Failed to Detonate]

Kassam Rocket Strikes South of Ashkelon; No Wounded Reported

Kassam Rocket Strikes Open Area in western Negev; None Wounded

Rocket Attack in Shaar HaNegev

Mortar Shell Lands in Open Area North of Gaza; No Wounded Reported

Rock Attacks Near Shechem

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