Tuesday War News: Gaza Grad Missile Hits S’dot Negev Area, Mortar Attack; Five Hezbollah Prisoners for Goldwassser, Regev Alive??; Rock Attacks and Terrorists Nabbed

Grad Missile Fired From Gaza at western Negev [S’dot Negev Area]; No Wounded

Mortar Strike on Gaza Security Fence [Between Nirim and Nir Oz]

Lebanese paper: Olmert Approved Release of Five Hezbollah Prisoners [Including Murderer Kuntar for Golwassser, Regev]


“Ofer Dekel, the official charged by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with dealing with the kidnapped soldiers issue, informed Hizbullah that Olmert had approved the release of five Lebanese prisoners, including Samir Kuntar, in exchange for captured IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwassser and Eldad Regev, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar quoted senior officials as saying Tuesday.”

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Shlomo Goldwasser: I’m Not Aware of Any Progress to Free Ehud

Serious Contacts with Hizbullah for Captives’ Return, by Hillel Fendel
(Israel National News)


” …Not a single sign that they [Goldwassser, Regev] are alive has ever been received.”

Arabs Attack [With Rocks] Jewish Motorists in Hevron

Ten Wanted Terrorists Arrested Overnight [in Kalkilya, Shechem, Near Bethlehem]

Report: Stabbing Attacks Prevented in Judea, Samaria


“An Arab man was arrested with seven knives at the entrance to the Jewish community of Maon near Hevron…”

Rock Attacks in Jerusalem [Shuafat], Gush Etzion

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