Tuesday War News: Gaza Rocket Bombardment Continues, Smuggling Tunnels Found, Hamas Gunmen Steal Fuel for Themselves; Syria Was Close to Nukes; 21 Terrorists Nabbed, Weapons Cache in Bethlehem, Islamic Molotov Attacks in Yesha

Rocket Fired From Gaza Lands South of Ashkelon; None Wounded

Kassam Attack South of Ashkelon

Ten Kassam Rockets Fired at Western Negev, Home Hit

Barak: Hamas Responsible for Gaza Situation

IDF Intelligence Chief Warns of Independence Day Attack

Mortar Shell Hits Roof of [Western Negev] Clinic

Negev Roulette: Kassam Rocket Attacks on Negev

Sderot Residents Take Protest to the Streets; Rockets Continue, by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz (Israel National News)

“PA terrorists fired 19 rockets at towns in the western Negev on Monday. Several people suffered shock, and kibbutzim (cooperative communities) in the area reported some damage to property. One rocket slammed into a local highway.”

Hamas Gunmen Steal [Gaza] Power Station Fuel for Their Vehicles

Related report; Analyze this: How Hamas Fuels the ‘Gaza Gas Shortage’ for Its Own Cynical Ends, by Calev Ben-David (Jerusalem Post)

Egypt Discovers 5 Underground Tunnels at Gaza Border

Related report; Tunnel from Egypt to Gaza Used To Smuggle Fuel

Three Rockets Fired at Sderot

4 Kassam Rockets Land in Western Negev; No Casualties or Damage

CIA: Syria Was One Year Away from Making Atom Bomb

Weapons Cache [in Bethlehem] Linked to Hamas, Palestinian Intelligence Claims

Terrorist Throws Firebomb at Jewish Motorist in Judea [in Har Hevron Region]

IDF Arrests 21 Wanted Terrorists

Molotov Cocktail Attacks near Ramallah

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