Livni Repartitioning Jerusalem, WHERE’S SHAS?



How many more facts and realities will Shas disregard and rationalize away in their abandonment of Jerusalem for the love of money and partison self-aggrandisement?

Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA makes these comments about the consequences of the Olmert, Livni, Ramon partition of Jerusalem polices, and Shas’ acceptance and enablement of them, and what these policies have wrought by way of President Bush’s upcoming 60 year Yom Hatsma’ot visit to Israel;


Repeat after me.

“Thanks to Israel’s uprooting of the Jewish communities in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria Israel enjoys unprecedented support and understanding from the Bush administration. The relationship between Prime Minister Olmert and President Bush is second to none – so much so that it would be dangerous for the Jewish State to replace Olmert at this critical time. Thanks to this unprecedented support, Israel is in a position today to rapidly complete final status negotiations with the Palestinians under favorable terms that it won’t get in the future.”


Things are so screwed up that while the Pope can visit the Western Wall in what was clearly the “Israeli” portion of his visit, President Bush can’t make the same photo op as part of his historic trip marking Israel’s 60th anniversary.

And now an example of the incredible lack of thinking on the part of whoever is working on this trip: instead of visiting places associated with Israel’s rebirth or ancient life – the idea is a photo op at a place remembered in history for the group of Jews who committed suicide rather than fall captive to the Romans.

Then again. How appropriate. PM Olmert, who critics warn is following a suicidal path with the Palestinians, will visit Masada with Bush.

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PA Planes in Jerusalem?

Full Text;

According to the Jerusalem paper Kol HaZman, Israel has agreed to give the Atarot airport in Jerusalem to the Palestinian Authority. The report was based on information from anonymous senior officials in the Foreign Ministry.

The officials said Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and PA negotiator Ahmed Qurei (Abu Ala) had agreed to the arrangement in recent meetings. The content of Livni’s meetings with Qurei has not been made known to the public in order to avoid pressure on the negotiating teams. Officials in Livni’s office said Thursday that they could neither confirm nor deny the report.

Jerusalem city officials said Thursday that Mayor Uri Lupolianski was shocked by the report, and believes that turning the airport over to the PA would be a serious threat to Israel’s security and a major concession regarding the status of Jerusalem. Lupolianski has pushed the government to approve the construction of 10,000 new housing units for Israeli families in the Atarot neighborhood. He said Thursday that the report regarding the airport would spur him to increase his efforts regarding the housing project.

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