Sin of Expulsion Blog and Fitna


The blog accepts as axiomatic that it’s readers are well aware of Islamic Koranic designs on World domination, beginning with the destruction of Israel and of the Jewish peopke.

But more importantly, regardless of the existence of Islamic Koranic murder and terror of it’s own adherents, as well the Jews and the rest of the world, the point of this blog is to continue to point up and point to the inalienable, Divine right of the Jewish people to it’s land, The Land of Israel.

The Fitna Movie can be viewed here and here. Commentary on it is offered on it by Barak of IRIS; here, here and here. Wikipedia also covers Fitna extensively.

Therefore, after viewing Fitna, this blog cannot totally pass on the issues which the movie points out. However, in this author’s view, these issues must be put in a perspective of creation of a honest, morally clean, straight-forward, self-respecting, healthy, faith-based government in Israel which restores concepts such as independence and credibility of her national defense and security policies as well as the permanent, unbreakable connection of the Jewish people to it’s land; Eretz Yisrael and to it’s seed; a complete, unified Jerusalem and the Beit HaMikdash which cannot ever be compromised or appeased away. MB

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