Shabbos, Sunday War News: Kassam Lands in Gaza, Others Land in Israel, Islamic Smuggler Killed in Gaza Tunnel Collapse, IDF Action in Gaza; Rocks, Firebombs in Yesha, Barak Oks End of Jericho Checkpoint


Sunday War News

Kassam Rocket Lands in Strip Limits

Palestinian Smuggler Killed in Egypt-Gaza Tunnel Collapse

Terror Alert Lifted in Central Israel [four Illegal Palestinian Infiltrators Caught in Car in Bat Yam], by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post)

Rock Attack on Beit Hadassah [in Hevron], No Injuries

Firebomb Thrown at Car Near Kalkilya

Arabs Stone Bus Near Jerusalem

Israel to Remove Jericho Checkpoint [More “Gestures”]

Shabbos, Motsei Shabbos;

Palestinians: 2 Terrorists Killed by IDF Near Security Barrier, by Yaakov Katz (Jerusalem Post)

IDF Attacks in Gaza, Four Wounded

IAF Air Strike Hits Northern Gaza

Terrorists Fire [2] Rockets, [12] Mortars Over Shabbat

IDF Kills Terrorist in Gaza

Kassam Rocket Hits Sha’ar Hanegev Region; None Wounded

Friday PM: Kassam Damages Nursery, Children Unharmed – Rushed from Yard With Only Seconds to Spare

Israeli Wounded in Rock Attack

Several Vehicles Damaged in Stone-Throwing Near Ramallah

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