Parsha Vayakhel 5768: Betzalel, Hur and Their Modern-day Sequels


by, Moshe Burt

Our Parsha Vayakhel discusses the appointment and role of Betzalel ben Uri, ben Hur in the building of the Mishkan.

The question is asked; why does Torah mention Betzalel’s lineage here?

This author discussed Betzalel in the context of Parsha Mishpatim our question of Yithro’s meriting to pronounce the concept of a Judiciary system to Moshe.

Betzalel, a Jew-from-birth, was instilled with the ability and insight to build the Mishkan.

After all, we learn Hashem imparted to Betzalel ben Uri the insight and ability to build the Mishkan. We learn that Betzalel was the grandson of Hur who was the son of Calev and that the Malchut was promised to Miriam — Moshe’s sister and Calev’s wife. Just as we learn that later the Malchut, under Dovid and Shlomo, built the Beit HaMikdash, so too Betzalel’s building of the Mishkan seems the fulfillment of the Divine promise to Miriam. [...]  Click here to read more.

Sunday War News: Kassams Fall as Regime Stonewalls Phalyx Defense System — At Least 3 More Years Vulnerability to Kassams, Mortars, Regime Claims Readiness for Border Storming; Police Arrest 926 Illegals, but Not in Beit Shemesh

Shabbos War News: 6 Kassams From Gaza, IDF Kills 2 Gaza Terrorists, Terrorists Use Bogus Medical Permits to Enter Israel; Molotovs Near Ramallah, Tulkarem, Terrorists Arrested Include Senior PFLP Commander

Leftist MSM “Too Tired to Win” IDF Casualty Myth


Columnist Evelyn Gordon comments about the myth of losing public support for a conflict due to casualty level. This myth is one of the pillars holding up the leftist, “too tired,” surrenderist Jewish divestation policies of the Olmert, Barak, Livni, Ramon regime — from Gaza, to Yesha, to the Golan, to Jerusalem.

But hopefully, as Gordon surmises;

THIS is why a majority of Israelis currently support a major ground operation in Gaza. They are not fools; they know the likely price is dozens of dead soldiers, with their own sons, brothers and husbands possibly among them. But they also know that countries must protect their citizens, so ending the rocket fire on Sderot is the army’s duty.  [...]  Click here to read more.

Friday War News: Kassams Near Sderot, Israeli Fertilizer Found in PA Kassam Factories; Israel Sends World Hijack Alert; 10 Terrorists Nabbed in Yesha

Two Kassam Rockets Land Near Sderot; None Wounded

‘Color Red’, Explosion in Sderot

Israeli-Made Materials Discovered in Kassam Rocket Factories

“The materials included Israeli fertilizer that Palestinian terrorists were using for explosives.”

Israel Issues Hijack Alert to All Airlines

“Fearing Hezbollah retaliation for Imad Mugniyah’s death.”

IDF Troops Arrest Ten Palestinian Fugitives

Olmert: Duplicitous “Promises”, Shas: Knowingly Duped


From the 2000 Camp David Summit: Barak’s Jerusalem Division Map


This author, and many others, have received this message from Pini Itzchaky, advisor to Shas Chaver Knesset Atias, in response to the ongoing email bombardment of Shas MKs demanding that they leave the Olmert regime;

The Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert: “It has been said and agreed between me and between the head of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mazen, that Jerusalem that is an important and emotional subject. We will not start this emotional negotiation, which could bring to failure of the talks. We postponed the TIPUL of Jerusalem until the last stage.”  [...]  Click here to read more.

Israel: “Vibrant Business Climate”, Low Quality Governance


Managing Partner and co-founder of NGN Capital Ken Abramowitz spoke out sentiments at the Jerusalem conference that many of us have known for quite some time when he contrasted Israel’s booming, “vibrant business climate” and its high level of competence with Israel’s abysmally “low quality” of national leadership and governance. MB

Venture Capitalist Slams Israeli Government, by Avi Tuchmayer (Israel National News)


Israel has emerged in recent years as a world leader in a variety of industries, from technology to outsourcing to homeland security and more. But one US-based investor told the Jerusalem Conference Tuesday the country’s economic success has come despite an alarming level of governance. [...]  Click here to read more.

Thursday War News: Kassams Bombard Sderot, Negev Towns, IDF Strikes Launchers; Islamics Rock Jewish Vehicles, 23 Terrorists Arrested

Shas Latest Variation: Will Leave “if Negotiations Continue”


“I say, We’ve been punked”


No, Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick is not the only one getting “punked.” Rav Ovadia and all of the Jews are getting “punked” daily .

It looks as if Israel National News has picked up on this blog’s assertion that Shas has now totally sacked it’s solemn promise “to quit if talks begin regarding Jerusalem.” Apparently, Yishai and his politicians have overruled their Torah Leader and their Torah Sages. [...]  Click here to read more.