Tuesday War News: Kassam Bombardments Increase, Sderot House Damaged, 50 Gaza Stoners Nabbed; Hezbollah Plans Retaliatory Mega-Strike; Hamas Funding Nixed in Hevron, Molotovs and 25 Terrorists Nabbed in Yesha


Four Kassam Rockets Land in Western Negev; No Wounded

Two Kassam Rockets Fired at Western Negev, No Injuries

Sderot House Damaged in Kassam Rocket Attack

Kassam Rocket Strikes Sderot; Nobody Wounded, and No Damage Reported

IDF Soldiers Arrest Some 50 Palestinian Stone-Throwers at Erez

Kuwaiti Paper: Mega-Attack on Israel in March [Retaliation for Alleged Assassination of Hezbollah commander Mughniya]

IDF Shuts Down Hamas Terror Funding Network in Hevron

IDF Troops Detain Eight Palestinian Fugitives [in Yesha, Jordan Valley] Night-Time Ops

IDF Troops Arrest 21 Palestinians North of Ramallah

Palestinians Hurl Molotov Cocktail at Israeli Vehicle Near Kalkilya

IDF Troops Arrest 4 Palestinian Terror Suspects [in Shechem]

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