Olmert, Livni, Barak Regime Bungle National Defense With Destructo Diplomacy



Just as Olmert boasted that the summer 2006 Lebanon debacle was a boon for “convergence, realignment, consolidation” or whatever other synonyms he chose on whatever day, Dr. Aaron Lerner’s weekly commentary decries Olmert’s recent Annapolis boasts. Olmert’s latest so-called “peace” efforts “presenting Israeli withdrawals as a gain rather than sacrifice” and his bogus assertions that “Israel has no choice but to accept a final status deal at any price” are part of the regime’s destructo “diplomacy” which only further emboldens the murderous Islamic enemy. MB

Weekly Commentary: Olmert Hasn’t Learned, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s supporters cite the bombing of the Syrian facility on September 6 as proof that Olmert has learned from the fiasco in the Second Lebanon War.

Unfortunately, this is hardly the case.

The problem is that the operation in Syria is the exception – not the rule.

The operation shows what Israel can do when it recognizes a serious problem, prepares and then executes a plan to address it.

And in a timely fashion.

But Olmert hasn’t done this for any of Israel’s other many problems and challenges.

The Olmert team has at best a vague notion of what it actually expects or wants from the Palestinians vis-a-vis the roadmap.

The underpinnings of Olmert’s final status talks philosophy are no deeper than the mutterings one hears at a dinner party attended by like minded withdrawal supporters. That’s “like minded” because much of it would not survive a reasonable discussion in which contrasting views were also considered.

To make matters worse, Mr. Olmert’s remarks serve to seriously devalue
Israel’s “bargaining chips” by presenting Israeli withdrawals as a gain rather than sacrifice and this while arguing that Israel essentially has no choice but to accept a final status deal at any price.

The Olmert team hasn’t done any better in its mishandling of the smuggling into Gaza from Egypt where it has participated in a time consuming wild goose chase after a technological solution to the problem instead of proposing and pushing for a workable expeditious solution.

And the list goes on.

The nation can ill afford another year of the same.

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