Friday War News: Kassams and IAF Raid in Gaza; PA Gets 50 APCs From Russia; Terrorists Shoot, Kill Hikers Near Kiryat Arba, Other Attacks in Yesha, Qurei’s Terrorist Bodyguard Killed by IDF

IAF Kills Hamas Gunman, Wounds 5 Others Near Gaza Security Fence

Kassam Rocket Lands in Open Field South of Ashkelon; None Wounded

Israel Allows Palestinian Authority to Import 50 APCs From Russia

Two Young Jewish Hikers Murdered in Judea

Police: Initial Report of Shooting Near Halhoul Bridge

“Two hikers seriously wounded with shots to the head, and a third hiker, a woman, whose condition is unclear. The third hiker may have been the one who reported the attack.”

Arabs Throw Rocks at Cars on Gush Etzion Road

Knife Found on Arab at Hevron

Terrorists Attack Soldiers near Jenin

Ahmed Qurei’s Bodyguard Killed by IDF, by Yaakov Katz, Khaled Abu Toameh (Jerusalem Post)

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