Tuesday War News: Kassams Hit Sderot, Negev; Pipe Bombs in East Jerusalem; IDF, Police Arrest Terrorists, Illegals

Two Kassams Strike Western Negev; No Wounded Reported

A Number of People Treated for Shock as 10 Mortars Hit Western Negev

5 Mortars Hit Nativ Ha’asara, Several People Suffer Shock

Gaza: Four Terrorists Killed, Six Civilians Wounded

Egypt Arrests 3 Gazans Who Planned to Carry out Suicide Attacks in Israel

Three Kassams Hit Sderot, No Injuries

Two Kassams Strike Western Negev; No Wounded Reported

Security Forces Arrest Senior Islamic Jihad Operative in Bethlehem

Two Israelis Lightly Injured as Palestinians Stone Their Car [in Gush Etzion]

Stones Thrown Near Har Gilo

Improvised Pipe Bombs Explode in East Jerusalem; None Wounded

IDF Troops Arrest 10 Palestinian Suspects [in Yehuda, Shomron]

Police Arrest 19 Palestinians Illegally Residing in Israel

For Possible Future Reference: Who Says that PA and Hamas are Separate Entities Anyway??

Hamas Official: Group Will Take Over West Bank in Less Than a Year

Hamas: We’ll Take Control Over West Bank in Autumn

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