Sunday War News: Kassams, Missiles, Grenades; Planes Landing at B-G Within Missile Range

Two Kassams Hit West Negev; No Wounded or Damage

Kassam Lands South of Ashkelon

Kassam Rocket Lands Near Sderot; None Wounded

Anti-Tank Missile Fired at IDF Post Near Karni

Gaza: IDF Kills 2 Palestinians [Throwing Grenades Towards Border Fence]

Maariv: Planes Landing at BG Airport Pass Within Missiles Range on West Bank Villages, by Dr. Aaron Lerner (IMRA)

Failed Kidnapping Attempt in Jerusalem, by Ezra HaLevi (Israel National News)

Fifty Illegal Palestinians Arrested by Police

Palestinians Throw Rocks at Israeli Car

Bus Collides With Palestinian Car on Highway 90 [or is that Palestinian Car Collides With Bus it Tried to Force off of Road?]

IDF Arrests Four Wanted Terrorists [in Bethlehem and Ramallah]

Molotov Cocktail Attack near Jerusalem

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