Monday War News: IDF “Green Light” for Expanded Gaza Ops, Kassam Blitz Continues

All he can do is look…

Kassam Lands in Sderot; No Reports of Wounded

Kassams Hit Field in Western Negev, Causing Fire

Kassam Hits Open Field, Causing Fire [11 Kassams Today]

3 Kassam Rockets Land in Sderot; None Wounded

Molotov Cocktails Thrown Over Fence into Itamar

Soldier Lightly Wounded by Rocks Near Ramallah

IDF Arrests Kahane’s Son’s Murderer in Ramallah

Report: Terrorist Cell Ready To Attack Jerusalem

IDF Troops Discover Homemade Weapons Near Jenin

IDF Troops Arrest 2 Tanzim Operatives in Jericho

7 Kassam Rockets Fired at Sderot on Monday Morning

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3 Kassams Land in Sderot, Man Wounded

Soldiers Suffer Shock in Sderot

2 Kassam Rockets Land in Western Negev, No Injuries Reported

IDF Gets “Green Light” to Expand Gaza Operations, by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz (Israel National News)

“Government permission Monday for expanded IDF ground operations in Gaza. The cabinet has not approved IDF entry into Arab cities in the region. Security sources say most strikes against local terrorists will continue to be carried out by the air force.”

Sderot Fortifications Too Weak for New Rockets

8 Illegal Palestinian Workers Caught in North

Terrorists Attack Soldiers in Shechem

IDF Arrests Eight Wanted Terrorists

Two Women Lightly Wounded by Rock Throwers

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