Moetsei Shabbos War News

Kassam Rocket Fired Into Israel; None Wounded

Kassam Lands in Mediterranean Next to Ashkelon Beach

IDF Chief: Hezbollah trying to Cross the Litani


Does anyone in the world besides Israel really give a darn about UN Resolution 1701 which supposedly “bans Hezbollah from crossing over the Litani River and into southern Lebanon?” MB

Shots Fired at Fence Workers East of Jerusalem

Attempted Car Bombing at Nahariya Hospital

3 Masked Robbers [Arabs?] Hold Up Gas Station in Galilee

Palestinians Fire at IDF in Nablus [Shechem]; None Wounded

IDF Nabs 10 Palestinian fugitives in West Bank

Commentary: Restatement or Refinement of — Why a Daily War News Section;

The purpose of this section is to maintain public awareness of the fact that for the past 6 1/2 years, there has been a daily, continuous, visibly apparent state of war here. Whether it was the Gilo Blitz or suicide bombings aboard buses or in restaurants, or drive-by shootings, rock-throwing, Kassam firings — first into Gush Katif and into Sderot, as well as continuing Kassam bombardments of Sderot, Ashkelon, and other locations subsequent to the expulsion, infiltrations, weapons smuggling and manufacturing etc. the purpose of this section is that the public be aware and not allow it’s government to disregard the facts in it’s rush seperate itself from large swarths of, and strategically vital parts of EretzYisrael.

These daily actions and attacks by the Arab, Islamic nation serve as the concrete actualization of the implications and consequences of a regime’s disdain for its people, its land and its roots. MB

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