Homesh: In Retrospect


After last week’s re-entry into Homesh, this author, with the help of various media coverage during and after the fact, tries to set the 2 1/2 day Homesh event in perspective.

The left and some of the media tried to present this event as an arrogant power-grab on behalf of Orange activism. In doing so, they’ve pushed all of the wrong buttons.

But are enough Jews wise and savvy enough to discern psychological projection when they see it?

Case in point, this blog picked up, Welcome to Settler Nation. Now, Obey!, by Bradley Burston of Haaretz under the headline;
Homesh… and Leftist Hate Journalism from H-ll!

In the article, Burston sets the tone early and often with prose like this;

Spring is here, and the radical settler movement has a message for you: We’re in charge. Resistance is futile. We know what’s good for you. Learn to take your medicine. Here’s the way it should be, and sooner or later, that’s the way it will be.

Spring is here, the rains are over and gone, and we know what should happen. We know what will happen. We know you, People of Israel. We know your weakness. We know our strength. We know that we will win.

One who is savvy and wise to propaganda when seen, doesn’t have to read beyond the first and last sentence to recognize the psychological projection of anti-religious, anti-Torah hatred, bigotry of the “new Jew” onto the religous, onto the lovers of Eretz Yisrael. It is actually YOU, the Left, the Amalek within who knows the Jewish psyche better than any Arab, any Gentile any adversary of Am Yisrael. For who other than another Jew would know how to use the Jewish mindset and possible points of weakness against another Jew and adapt distorted western morality to conceal their blind hatred of anything Jewish or Torah-related?

The same holds true in the light-version of “Settler Nation’ which dresses the concept up in seemingly more sniyut clothing; ‘democracy,’ ‘consensus,’ i.e. “the basic rule underlying all democratic action: in the end, a majority of the people must be convinced.”

But when the will of the “majority” is exploited by a corrupt, evil, manipulative, conniving leader or regime, or via agendists through poll-taking which asks weighted, designed questions in order to elicit the designed responses, is that “democracy” or “the will of the majority?” Barak of IRIS makes that very point in his post on opinion polling in the United States; Shock Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Israeli Land Concessions. And so, this seemingly more sniyut clothing seems not to pass the test of even secular Kashrut; truth and integrity. And so “democracy” and will of the majority, as the abovementioned Jerusalem Post editorial relates to re-entering Homesh, prove out to be sham.

The more overriding secular arguments for Homesh, aside from Eretz Yisrael, come from the likes of long-time activist Elyakim Haetzni and famed warrior and “member of the 101st Unit commanded by Ariel Sharon in the 1950’s Meir Har-Zion. They both emphasize the dire security issues involved; that from the heights of Homesh, one can see Tel Aviv and Mt. Hermon. Both Haetzni and Har-Zion speak of dire peril of an enemy state on Israeli territory [read: Jewish land].

Caroline Glick’s Column One further bolsters Haetzni and Har-Zion within the context of taking to task a major advocate of Expulsion, Tzipy Livni who sold out principle for political advancement. Glick writes;

Homesh was one of the 21 communities razed by prime minister Ariel Sharon’s government in August 2005. On Monday, thousands marched to its ruins and pledged to rebuild it. Although by Tuesday radio and television newscasters were predictably agitating for the IDF to violently remove the demonstrators, their anti-settler prattle came off flat. The thrill was gone.

After the war in Lebanon last summer, and Gaza’s post-withdrawal transformation into a mini-Taliban state, it is no longer possible to sound intelligent while advocating Israeli withdrawals and expulsions. Since few people are willing to sound like fools, most of the broadcasters acknowledged the withdrawal’s strategic failure.

Without its strategic fig leaf, all that remains to defend the policy of ethnically cleansing areas of Jewish presence is the hatred card upheld by the Arabs and the Left. Both claim that Jews must be removed from their homes because their mere presence in their communities is responsible for the genocidal hatred than has taken control of the Palestinian and the Arab world’s collective psyche.

The protesters at Homesh ably dispensed with this anti-Semitic nonsense by pointing to the fact that the IDF remains in the areas in spite of the removal of its Jewish residents. The IDF has remained in place because contrary to the promises of the plan’s proponents, the expulsion of the Jews of northern Samaria and Gaza did nothing to mitigate the Palestinians’ commitment to Israel’s destruction. To the contrary, it simply whetted their appetite for war. Indeed, what the aftermath of the expulsions proved was that far from burdening the army, before they were destroyed, the communities in northern Samaria and Gaza protected the IDF by providing secure bases for operations.

As luck would have it, the demonstrators exposed the moral bankruptcy and strategic idiocy at the heart of the withdrawal and expulsion policy…

It is indeed appropriate that young protestors and former residents of Homesh refrained from dayenu and instead re-entered its remains in the week before Pesach. Perhaps, somehow it is akin to the act of emunah, the act of faith, of daring to take that Mitzri avodah zora as korban Pesach and tying it to the bedpost prior to slaughtering it.

And having re-entered Homesh at Chanukah and again just before Pesach, B’ezrat Hashem that there will be many more such re-entries to Homesh and to the other Shomron towns and eventuallyto Gush Katif; all previously made Yudenrein by the regime and many thousands more participants with each subsequent re-entry. MB