Police Evict Remaining Activists From Homesh

Police Begin Evacuating Homesh Settlers by Force, by Yaakov Katz , Ben Uchitelle-Pierce (Jerusalem Post)


Police began evacuating settlers one by one from the former settlement of Homesh on Wednesday morning, after the hundreds of demonstrators spent two nights at the site in an attempt to reclaim it.

According to a report on Israel Radio, a bulldozer was on the way to the settlement to dismantle the makeshift shelters and tents that the settlers had set up.

Police were picking up protesters bodily and taking them away, with officers commanding the operations by megaphone, the report said.

Judea and Samaria police chief Cmdr. Yisrael Yitzhak told Army Radio that the forces in the field were “not rushing anywhere.”

“We’re appealing to the rationality of the people here and hoping that they will understand that we came here to carry out the evacuation,” Yitzhak said, adding that “the more they cooperate with us and don’t create difficulties, the sooner we can finish the operations.”

According to reports, some 300 settlers have already been evacuated.

On Tuesday night, the IDF and the Israel Police finalized their plans for evacuating the few hundred remaining activists from former settlement.

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