Continuing Coverage: IDF Strategy to “Dry them Out” at Homesh


Homesh Settlers Celebrate Evacuee Family Brit

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Settlers stationed in Homesh were celebrating on Tuesday afternoon the ritual circumcision of the son of one of the families evacuated from the settlement in 2005.

Family members came to the settlement especially for the occasion, which was approved after negotiations between the IDF and settler representatives.

Hundreds of settlers who arrived at the ruins of the settlement on Monday morning also participated in the event.

The settlers have refused to leave the site, vowing to reclaim the home they lost in the disengagement from Gaza.

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“Despite an initial holdup, eventually the IDF allowed two buses carrying friends and family to attend the ceremony. [Limor] Har-Melekh remarried after her first husband, Shuli, was murdered by Palestinian Authority terrorists in 2003.”

Police to Evacuate Homesh on Wednesday

“The government announced Tuesday night that Israel Police will expel Jewish activists who refuse to leave the site of the destroyed community of Homesh on Wednesday, according to Army Radio. Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered security forces to use force if necessary.”

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IDF, Police Blocking Food and Water to Homesh


The IDF and the police are not allowing food and water to be brought into Homesh, where more than a thousand Jewish patriots have gathered, hoping to rebuild the north Samaria community, uprooted in the Disengagement of 2005.

While people are drinking water from the community’s water tower, the leaders of the Homesh First action group say they have warned the police that preventing food and water from reaching the Homesh resettlers could lead to loss of life, especially among the many babies who are in the group. The police, however, responded by saying the matter was out of their hands and that the IDF was keeping them in the dark and refusing to cooperate with them.

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Judging by sundry quotes appearing in the media, it appears security sources are waiting for the group on the hilltop to dwindle some more, in face of the cold and difficult conditions, and intend to evict them Tuesday or Wednesday. Three battalions of IDF troops and Border Police were reportedly on standby for the operation. “We have no interest in violence,” a senior officer was quoted as saying, “but if they don’t evacuate on their own then we will have to use force to remove them.”

“We’re not the violent ones here,” retorted Boaz Haetzni, a leading organizer of Homesh First. “It’s the police and the IDF – they’re the ones who will set the tone,” He said that even if they were expelled, the activists would return, “until all of the settlements destroyed during the disengagement are rebuilt.”

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“A group of devout activists, however, still refused to leave Homesh, as a former resident of the settlement tried to pursuade the Israel Defense Forces to allow her celebrate her son’s brit milah (circumcision) ceremony in Homesh. The IDF turned down her request and refused to allow entry to the site after 12.00 P.M. She is now negotiating with the IDF at the intercession of MK Uri Ariel (National Religious Party-National Union).”

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