Olmert Refuses Peretz on Dismantlements: Timing Not Right

UPDATE: Schedule for Destruction of Jewish Towns in the Near Future

“Despite Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s announcement Monday morning that he will not uproot communities at the current time, Peretz insisted that Olmert has no intention of acting against his decision. According to Peretz, both he and Olmert have agreed that Israel will in fact destroy the communities, and only the timing remains to be discussed.”

Olmert Will Not Dismantle Isolated Communities Yet

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In response to the recommendation Sunday by Defense Minister Amir Peretz to uproot several small communities in Judea and Samaria, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert refused, stating that the timing is not right. Peretz had recommended a handful of small communities, consisting of a few trailers each, and built without government approval, for dismantling. Olmert favors the dismantling in principle, but would rather implement it as part of a larger, comprehensive plan.

The government is in contact with Jewish leaders of Judea and Samaria to coordinate any move that will cause controversy. Just over a year ago, police clashed with youth over the dismantling of the Amona community.

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“In the telephone conversation with Peretz Sunday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he would not act against… the decision of evacuating the illegal outposts.”


As written many times previously, this blog is not about polls; there too fluid, too suseptible to cheating or to padding.

But after the recent cycle of events of the past year; Amona, Shalhevet neighborhood and Beit Shapira in Chevron (Hebron), events this summer in Lebanon and Hezbollah’s rocket attacks on northern Israel and their aftermath and the resultant definitive fall in Olmert’s support nationwide, the imminent state controller’s report on the prime minister’s real estate transactions, Olmert’s put-off of dismantlements is because he knows how fragile his hold on the “cat bird’s seat” is. While he was itching for a fight, for blood, guts and violence before last March’s elections, a repeat of the police/yassamnikim violence of Amona may be the event which kindles the forces of his imminent downfall, forces beyond the capacity of the corrupt regime to handle. MB