Olmert Regime Zig-Zags Leave the Door Open for Anything — None of it Good!


This blog has tried not to publish changeable reports but now feels compelled to do so in order that readers understand the reality of daily contradictions and 180 degree shifts of the Olmert regime.

Here is an example;

No ‘Goodwill’ Prisoner Release Before Shalit Is Freed


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert promised Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas last Saturday night he would consider freeing jailed terrorists as a goodwill measure toward the Muslim Hajj festival and he even hinted that the release of convicted terrorists Marwan Barghouti is being considered.

Check out the reports previously posted on this blog regarding prisoner releases.

Inevitably, with this Regime, as with Sharon, trial balloons have an uncanny way of becoming government policy and doctrine. However, the one thing that Olmert doesn’t zig-zag on, like Sharon and Barak didn’t before him: the abandonment of Jonathan Pollard. MB

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