Tuesday War News…

Asking Again: WHAT CEASE-FIRE?

Feiglin Quotes Churchill on Olmert

“‘Remember the words of Winston Churchill just before World War 2,’ Feiglin said. ‘You accepted shame to avoid war – now you have both.'”

Olmert ‘Disappointed’ by Rocket Fire

Ehud Olmert has nothing to say except; “we are a little disappointed by the continuation of Kassam rocket fire at the South by the Palestinians.” MB

Gaza Terrorists Fire 2 Kassams at Sderot; None Wounded

Rocket Lands in Open Field Near Sderot

Second Kassam Fired at Sderot

Woman Lightly Injured in Rock Attack Near Shechem

Rock Attack on Israeli Bus, No Injuries

Border Police Shoot, Wound Armed Palestinian

Qassams Prompt Change in IDF Rules of Engagement

“The Israel Defense Forces has altered its rules of engagement along the Israel-Gaza border, after two Qassam rockets were fired from the northern Gaza Strip on Monday despite the cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians. The new rules allow troops to fire should they positively identify Palestinian militants preparing to launch a rocket.”

Nablus: Palestinians Fire at Troops; None Wounded

IDF Arrests 13 Palestinian Fugitives in West Bank

Iraqi Mahdi Army and Hizbullah Cooperating

Israel Agrees to Entry of Palestinian Militia From Jordan to Gaza

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