Chevron Leaders Expose Solana’s Agenda for What it is: Antisemitism…

It’s Because They’re Jews – Stupid!


All of this Hullabalu about Solana is nothing but machination and shtus.

This article tells the cold, hard truth;


The Jews of Hebron hit it right on the head Wednesday evening, when they sent a letter to the foreign policy chief of the European Union, who had arrived in Israel earlier in the day to level a fusillade of complaints at Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

Javier Solana had demanded to know why the Israeli government had not yet uprooted “illegal” Jewish-built structures from Samaria and Judea. Israel must raze them immediately!

And, he insisted, Israel should do more to help facilitate the quick implementation of the Road Map “peace” plan – which aims to see tens of thousands of Jews uprooted from their biblical homeland in order that a new Arab state can be established in their place.

The arrogance and audacity of Solana his constituency knows no bounds.

But we all know about Europe, a continent that has been saturated for centuries with the worst manifestations of antisemitism ever seen anywhere. Its rotten fruit flourishes, camouflaged but unchecked.

I know this as a gentile student of the last 2000 years of Jewish history.

Jews everywhere, but perhaps most especially those living in Hebron – a center of Jewish existence that continued unbroken for more than 3000 years before the British helped Hebron’s Arabs slaughter its Jews in 1929 – know it first hand.

In their response to Solana, the leaders of Hebron’s Jews, Noam Arnon and David Wilder, drove a two-edged blade of truth and justice deep into his belly.

“As you are a representative from Spain, a country responsible for the expulsion of over a quarter of a million Jews from their homes and country in 1492, we demand that you immediately stop pressuring Israel to implement another expulsion of Jews from their homes and communities in the Land of Israel.”

They showed Solana the door.

“Please leave Israel, return to your own EU business and minority problems, and stop interfering with the internal affairs of the State of Israel.”

Their linking of the Jews’ expulsion from Spain 414 years ago and the threatened expulsion of Jews from Judea-Samaria today is not just a clever-sounding argument.

Just as Spain was rendered judenrein by its Catholic monarchy, so did Israel’s abandoning of the Gaza Strip under international pressure last year leave that piece of the Promised Land judenrein.

And the Quartet’s “two state solution” aims to see the mountainous heartland of Israel rendered judenrein for the Arabs to turn into Palestine.

Solana is leading the European effort to bring this about. For he has chosen to identify the Jewish presence as the root of all evil.

He, and his fellow Europeans, may protest until they are black in the face that their “solution” is not borne out of antisemitism.

But it is.


There are those, who in their sincerity in bringing others around to
a point of view favorable to Israel see as unfortunate truth that many people need a lot of education before they will be at the point where they agree, to where they see the antisemetism of a Solana, or, for instance, in Secretary of State Rice’s actions since the expulsion as prejudice or antisemitism unmasked.

But at what point does “education” compromise everything that the
“educator” stands for? Because one can’t tell it like is for fear of jeopardizing the “education” and alienating the “educated”, thus (to be politically correct) we give increasing credence to the Solanas, the Rices, the Bushs instead of to Hashem, Breish’t, Bara, Kelokim and, as Kahane said, “the Burning Bush.” When does the “education” make us a laughing stock among the Islamics, among the goyim? And at what point do we no longer have the luxury of “education?” In the opinion of this author, the time for the luxury of “education” has been squandered. Believing Jews have to cease trying to gently educate and cease being afraid to say that which Goodenough, and for that matter the two Chevron leaders, are saying and start being bold enough to express their belief by telling it like is; whether about Solana’s antisemetic agenda or about how and why it came to be that Gimmel joined with the devil to expel fellow Jews resulting in all of the consequences we now face including Solana’s bud-inski! MB

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