Thursday War News…


Kassam Rocket Lands Near Sderot; None Wounded

Rocks Thrown at Israeli Vehicle Near Tekoa

IDF Arrests Tanzim Fugitive in Jericho

Report: IDF Clashes With French UNIFIL Troops

Jerusalem Court: Give Islamic Jihad Money to Terror Victims

Illegals Apprehended Inside Green Line Israel

Police Investigating Destruction of Trees in Hevron Hills

Border Police Nab 823 Illegal Palestinian Workers

IAF fires at Rafiah Building Used to Store Arms

3 Injured in MVA Involving a Military Vehicle

“The MVA occurred near Kalandia, on Jerusalem’s northern border.”

Peled: Open Fire Orders Are a Must on Northern Border

Full Text;

Former IDF northern commander, Yossi Peled told Channel 1 TV News on Wednesday night that the government and the IDF cannot permit Lebanese citizens to congregate or protest along Israel’s northern border fence.

Peled stated that the people along the fence must first be warned, followed by warning fire, followed by live gunfire directed at their lower extremities,

Regarding the war in Lebanon, Peled stated that Israel did hurt Hizbullah significantly but added that the IDF did not succeed in disarming the terror organization.

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