Does Massive Terrorist Weapons Smuggling into Gaza Surprise You?

Terrorists Smuggling Anti-Tank & Anti-Aircraft Rockets into Gaza


Does this report come as a surprise to anyone with common sense and logic? Why don’t Olmert and Peretz get it then[rhetorical]? And if Diskin and Halutz feel soo strongly about it, what are THEY doing about it?? Aren’t we all kind of tired of a bunch of meaningless babble and rhetoric? MB

Full Text;

GSS (General Security Service/ Shin Bet) Director Yuval Diskin and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz told members of the cabinet that the Rafiah border from Egypt is wide open, and terrorists are regularly smuggling anti-tank and anti-aircraft rockets into PA (Palestinian Authority) controlled Gaza.

The two reported an increase in weapons smuggling of several hundred percent of late, stating Egypt, which has undertaken responsibility to prevent border smuggling, is not doing enough.

During an interview with Channel 1 English News on Wednesday, former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Tzvi Mazel stated Egypt does not have the capability to prevent weapons smuggling along the Rafiah border. Mazel stated Israel erred for a number of reasons when it believed Egypt was capable of such a mission, including its unwillingness to fire at Arabs detected in the smuggling process.

Since last August, when Israel implemented the Disengagement Plan, 20 tons of military grade explosives have been smuggled into Gaza, including some 4 tons during the past two months.

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