Halutz, Ezra Seem Unable to Get Their Stories Straight …

Halutz Contradicts Ezra at Amona Investigation

Contradiction Between Testimonies of Ezra and Halutz


“Chief of General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz, appeared before the Amona investigative committee on Wednesday. ‘In no way did I understand that the Amona evacuation was similar to the Gaza evacuation,’ he said.”

“‘The Gaza evacuation was an operation conducted against legal settlements, while Amona was about enforcing the law and order against illegal construction. Therefore I see no room to compare the two events at their base level,’ said Halutz.”

“The first contradiction unearthed in the investigation was found between the testimonies of Interior Security Minister Gideon Ezra and Chief of Staff Halutz.”

Ezra told the committee last week that security forces had to march all night, instead of using vehicles, because of roadblocks imposed by settlers. Halutz, however, said that ‘the initial plan called for a march on foot – altogether they marched over half an hour some two to three kilometers. The march was planned ahead of time,’ said Halutz. But added that ‘there were roadblocks on the way.'”

“Halutz said that he had allowed, in principle, for force to be used if necessary. But only police officers with the rank of Assistant-Commander and higher had the authority to implement the use of clubs against protesters. He said that he banned the use of rubber bullets ahead of time.”

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