The Mother of Expulsions?: Israel to Cede Mt. Zion to Vatican?, State offers JNF NIS 1.3b and Land Swap

A couple of messages were on my email log this afternoon. Taken together and with the two articles to which they refer, one can begin to understand all of the implications and ramifications of the actions of the current Regime governing Israel regarding these two aligned issues. Indications are that unless there are rapid and major changes in the way Israel is governed [i.e governed according to Torah principles, as a unique people and with a love of Eretz Yisrael as divinely Holy, not just a stam piece of Real Estate] , we could awake one day to find that our beloved Eretz Yisrael has been signed away and sold out from under us. MB

Email Message #1; Israel To Sign Away Mt. Zion Property to the Vatican

This email message also encourages readers to view Ellen Horowitz’s recent piece “Vatican’t” which explains the situation in more detail;

On November 14th, that’s only two weeks away, Israel’s President Moshe Katzav is planning to sign away the building above David’s Tomb to the Vatican. This room is believed by the Christians (but disputed by all archaeologists) to be the so-called room of the Last Supper.

The Vatican and the Christian Church are trying to gain a greater foothold on Mt. Zion, the holy mountain.

This should be intolerable to the Jewish People in Israel and throughout the world.

We just read on Rosh Hashana about the central part that Mt. Zion plays in the eternity of Israel. Quoting our prophets, “The saviors will ascend Mt. Zion to judge Esau’s mountain and the kingdom will be Hashem’s. And it is said, ‘Then Hashem will be King over all the world, on that day, Hashem will be One and His Name will be One.'”

The creation of a church on top of David’s Tomb would be more than a tragic loss for the Jewish people (I just can’t think of strong enough adjectives).

While some might dispute King David’s burial there:

1) According to the Ari z’l and Benjamin of Tudelo, Mount Zion is indeed the burial place of the kings of the family of David.

2) No matter where King David is buried on Mt. Zion, the giving over of the building above which Jews have been davening for 1000 or 2000 years as a holy site is untenable, specifically because of David’s Tomb, and generally, because of the Church’s wish to turn Mt. Zion into a Vatican East.


Having suffered the destruction of Gush Katif, facing the threats against Chevron, and constant assaults on the hills of Judea and Samaria, this latest front in the attack on Israel must be stopped.

If you have any connections in President Katzav’s office, the Knesset or any influential advisors of the Prime Minister or the President, please use your influence now.

Email Message #2; The email below relates to; State Offers JNF NIS 1.3b in Biggest Land Deal Ever

Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 19:49:34 +0200
From: JACK G.
Subject: RE: JNF land swap from HaAretz
To: “‘Gilbert Z.'”

Yes, I think I can explain the implications. Not many years ago, the government of Saudi Arabia expressed an interest in purchasing bankrupt kibbutzim. It was blocked from doing so, even though they found kibbutzim willing to sell, because the JNF owns the land and its rules preclude sale to non-Jews.

A few months ago, the Supreme Court held that the Israel Lands Authority, which administers JNF lands, can not discriminate against non-Jewish citizens in the disposition of JNF lands. An ILA tender has to be open to non-Jews the same as to Jews, notwithstanding that the lands are owned by the JNF, not the government. That means that the lands that have been purchased by the JNF with money donated by Jews over the last 100 years for the purpose of acquiring land in Eretz Yisrael for Jews to settle will be sold to Arabs on an equal footing. The JNF has protested emptily and its web site urges people to join its protest but has not moved to administer its own lands, as does the Wakf, as does every Church. That means that the JNF accepts the result and will proceed to sell its lands to Arabs on the same basis as to Jews. The acquisition by the Israeli government would open the way for the purchase by the Saudi government of urban areas as well as kibbutzim and the settlement of Arabs on those lands. The Saudi government has opened an interest section in Tel Aviv.

It is widely known that the Saudis take good care of their friends. Selling out your country is good business.

Jack G.

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From: Gilbert Z.
Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2005 4:42 PM
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Subject: JNF land swap from HaAretz

Can you tell me the implications of this land deal? Are we (the Jewish people) losing sovereignty over Medinat Yisrael?


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