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Now you can help to keep Katif.net online putting out the facts about the Jewish communities of Gush Katif as well as staying on top of Gush Katif news while helping to finance the mission of The Sefer Torah Recycling Network simply by clicking on the above link and noting that you saw the link on www.sefer-torah.com .   

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 The Sefer Torah Recycling Network is priviledged to have affiliation with  with Artscroll as well as Soncino publishers.  Now you can help to finance our mission simply by clicking on the links above or on the banners below to purchase S'forim online from these publishers.

It is anticipated that
The Sefer Torah Recycling Network  will announce affiliation with at least one other Judaica publisher as well as with online merchants of a number of other Judaica products.

English-speaking Yeshivot in Israel, here is a way of helping The Sefer Torah Recycling Network's fundraising efforts by promoting purchase of Artscroll S'forim. When students click on the Artscroll links from this website in order to purchase S'forim, The Sefer Torah Recycling Network will earn a commission from each such purchase. The Yeshiva can benefit financially as well once sufficient commission volume levels are reached. 

The Sefer Torah Recycling Network is proud to announce its Affiliation with CDTorah.com.
Now you can order CD Shiurim of these Rabbonim; 
Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Herschel Schachter, Rabbi Moshe Weinberger and more and support 
The Sefer Torah Recycling Network as well.

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American Plaque

Manufacturers of hand made laminated plaques and gift boxes

Kosher By Design Picture-perfect food for the Holidays and every day By Susie Fishbein 
The Schottenstein Ed. Siddur: Sabbath &  Festivals Prayers With an Interlinear
Translation - Ashkenaz  White Leather Edition
By Rabbi Menachem Davis
Stone Edition Chumash - 1 Volume Travel -size - Ashkenaz By Rabbi Nosson Scherman
 Mother of Kings / Megillas Ruth:  Commentary and insights on the Book of Ruth
By Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg
The Schottenstein Edition Talmud 
SPECIAL; For those learning Daf Yomi, the current Mesechta Menachos (3 Volume set) is available:
Volume 1 , Volume 2, Volume 3, as well as a Standing order of every volume of the Daf Yomi Size Schottenstein Talmud as they are Published.
Rabbi Berel Wein's Pirkei Avos: Teachings for Our Times 

Sapirstein Edition Rashi - 5 Volume Slipcased Set Student Size
The Torah with Rashi's commentary translated, annotated, and elucidated
By Rabbi Yisrael Herczeg
Bircas Kohanim / The Priestly Blessings (Hardcopy), By Rabbi Avie Gold

Aryeh Kaplan Anthology Set / 2 Volume Slipcased Set, By Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan
Gateway To The Talmud:
A Rosh Yeshivah introduces the history, development and principles of Torah She'b'al Peh - from Moses to the Besht and Vilna Gaon.  By Rabbi Meir Tzvi Bergman

Women in the Talmud
An anthology of the Talmud's stories about women, from Seder Zeraim and Moed, as explained by the classic commentators.   By Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt


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