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These inspirational articles recently appeared online.


Long-Hidden Torah Paraded Through Brooklyn
Sun Oct 24, 2004 5:17 PM ET U.S. National - AP
By VERENA DOBNIK, Associated Press Writer
NEW YORK - A 150-year-old Torah, hidden for a half-century in the former Soviet Union, was paraded through New York's streets Sunday on its way to its new home at a Brooklyn synagogue.


Shavout, Yizkor, 5763
Rabbi Jack Riemer
The Story of the Sefer Torah which perished with Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon.

Some things just won't stay buried
The story of a 60 year old Sefer Torah rescued after being buried 42 years in a Gestapo body-bag in the Ukraine, together with bones of over 200 Jews.


Healing a trampled sole.
Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn


In surfing the net looking for pertinent sites related to Sifrei Torah, I stumbled upon this site, which has apparently been inactive since fall, 2002.  It is called "The SCRIBE" .  You can view the site and it's interesting stories by clicking on the title.

Almost timely to the recent Gulf War, please read the article
"Mossad Snatches Sacred Jewish Texts From Saddam" by clicking on the title.  More timely to the current Gulf War and retrieval of Iraqi Sifrei Torah are these two articles; from CNN, "Antiquities experts: Some looting was 'commissioned' ..."  and from USA Today, "Looters hit national museum".

The Sefer Torah Recycling Network is checking deeper through contacting Jewish Chaplains.  More news on this as it becomes available.

But Rabbi Krohn's story is not the only such Holacaust Sefer Torah/Shoe story. The Amcha (Israel Center for Holacaust Survivers) site features another such story; "My Shoes", by Rachel. Click on the link and arrow down to the story. (This story foes directly beneath the Rabbi Paysach Krohn story)

"I Brought the Torah Scrolls with Me From Syria!"  - The story of how a Syrian Jew smuggled Torah Scrolls into Israel.

A Sefer Torah Story from "GUARDIAN OF JERUSALEM" the life and times of Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld is entitled "Solving The Crime". Click on the link and arrow down to the story. (This story goes directly beneath the statement; " The Sefer Torah Recycling Network is checking deeper through contacting Jewish Chaplains. More news on this as it becomes available.











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