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Special Report: From Run-up to Chet: Expulsion in Gush Katif and the Shomron and the "Days After"

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Poignant Scenes from Kfar Maimon.


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Announcing:The Sin of Expulsion Blog. This blog will be the continuance of the News, Human Interst Stories and Commentary heretofore viewed here.  

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Editor's Note: The Gush Katif refugee families are in great need of assistance in rebuilding their lives. Please read this Emergency Campaign for Gush Katif  and give generously.

Editor's Note: Thursday AM, 18 August, 2005: This has been written as the implementation of Israel's Expulsion Jews from Jewish Land is in High Gear. Many activists, from all walks of life have fought hard against this dreaded event, but apparently far from enough. The question many of us are asking; Where was Klal Yisrael? Where was the heart of the masses for doing everything that needed to be done to block, divert and prevent this action? This writer is among the heartbroken. There will be more written in coming days and posted to this page, as well as to the blog page regarding the day and days after implications of this Gezeira Rah on Jewish life in Israel and throughout the world on all levels. I am reluctant to remove the previous note below because I don't want to come to terms with what has happened and continuing to occur. For those of us who truly care about our dear brethren from Gush Katif, the Shomron and whereever else Arik Sharon, Ehud Olmert and the rest of their corrupt regime seek to implement expulsion of Jews next, the fight has only just begun and we continue to adorn ourselves in Orange, for Orange = Defiance!

Editor's Note: This is written on Friday afternoon, Erev Shabbos Chazzan. As Tisha B'av begins when Shabbos ends and beginning on Monday, there will be mass movements from throughout Israel to the South, news posted here from Monday will be spotty at best. This site has endeavored to give readers the true flavor of the run-up to this most dispicable Chet of Jew vs Jew -- the expulsion by Jews of their fellow Jews from Jewish Land. B'Ezrat Hashem, that the attempt to implement Expulsion utterly fails and that the evil Regime who bulldozed it through the legislative phase and now attempts to implement it falls permanently and irretrievably.   

Links to: News and Commentary as well as Human Interest Stories on events as they happen.

Israel Resource Review, Behind the news in Israel, with David Bedein  

Israel Needs Authentic Jewish Leadership: Manhigut Yehudit -- The Jewish Leadership Movement   

Articles by David Wilder  

More Media links below News links:  

Articles of Human Interest:  

A GAPING WOUND by Rachel Saperstein, Jerusalem Gold Hotel September 18, 2005  

To Save a Synagogue or a Bathroom by Paula R. Stern Sep 29, '05 / 25 Elul 5765  

Our land is on the line: The Jewish people have succeeded in remaing loyal to the religion of Israel, but there are ominous signs for the Land of Israel by Elyakim Haetzni  

Gush Katif Video - The Synagogues Small Version   

Internet Memorial Videos For Gush Katif Abound Sep 21, '05 / 17 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

8 Minute Video with Sharons Likud Commercial in 2003 and what it would look like in 2006 (English Translated)  

Arabs of Gaza burning and destroying Gush Katif Shuls: Photos-1, Photos - 2   

Yes, the Doctor is to Blame by Nadia Matar Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765   

>>It's All Related by Judy Lash Balint September 11, 2005   

Sirton, Lo Nishkach Velo Nislach, and click on; Lo nishcach velo Nislach   

A Proposal for Israel's "National Defense Doctrine" - Without Judea, Samaria and the Golan by Hagai Huberman, Senior Correspondent, Hatzofeh  

A Gaza Diary, by Dale Baranowski, 8 September 2005  

The Agony and Heartbreak of Expulsion on Video   

Netzarim on the day of expulsion - Video (click on the picture of the Menorah)  

Arutz Sheva's Gush Katif photo album  

If We Desire Life by: Moshe Feiglin  

11/09 Operation Band-Aid by Rachel Saperstein, Jerusalem Gold Hotel   

THE "STAR WARS" EVICTION: Three Days In August August 24, 2005, By Rachel Saperstein Jerusalem Gold Hotel   

The Evacuees / The Hadad Family - `We just want to be where we were two months ago' By Jonathan Lis  

Betrayal of Historic Dimensions by Asher Zelig Fried Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

The Leadership of the National Camp Led Us Like Sheep to the Deportation by Nadia Matar (arrow down)  

Plucked From Gaza Now We Must Rebuild Our Lives in Israel By Hanna Sender Sunday, September 4, 2005; Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim   

>>This Too is Israel by Judy Lash Balint August 25, 2005   

Reflections of a Witness to the Disengagement Aftermath Aug 25, 2005 Dr. Mark Singer writes about his encounter with displaced residents of Gush Katif  

WITNESS TO THE PERSECUTION By: Helen Freedman, Executive Director, Americans For a Safe Israel   

A Soldier's Story:I did my duty in Gaza--and it left me pained but proud. BY Michael B. Oren Tuesday, August 23, 2005(Question: Was this article fake? MB)   

08/08 Benny Darom – What the Expulsion May Cause Among the I.D.F. Soldiers Who Are Meant to Participate In It  

Photo Essay: Protesters Take to the Streets and Fields Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi   

Click here for a first-hand account, with photos, from an activist that traveled through fields to reach Gush Katif.  

And Now.... At the Kotel hours after being evicted from their Gush Katif home by Judy Lash Balint.
Pictures from Netzer Hazani people at the Kotel  

Disengagement picture gallery   

Our Black Day--So Far by Judy Lash Balint August 17, 2005 EVICTION DIARY:  

Stocking Up by Rachel Saperstein Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765   

This Is How We Will Cancel the Decree, by Nadia Matar, August 8, 2005 (In Iv'rit)   

Enough of Moderation! Enough of Havlagah (Restraint)! Nadia Matar (in Hebrew) - Thursday, July 28, 2005  

'State wants to take my kids’: Foster kids will be taken away in six days if settler family does not move; Disengagement Authority says it’ll find solution By Ronny Sofer  

Personal Stories of Intimidation in Gush Katif Jul 28, '05 / 21 Tammuz 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Video presentation on Gush Katif  

News and Commentary:  

Gaza Israel: Our Halacha, Our History, Our Security are Tied to Gush Katif, by Menachem Kovacs Mar 15, '04 / 22 Adar 5764  

One Comment on Rabbi Lichtenstein's Letter by Rabbi Sholom Gold Aug 30, '05 / 25 Av 5765  

Legendary Fighter Har-Tzion Calls for Refusal Feb 23, '05 / 14 Adar 5765   

Knesset Speaker Rivlin: Sharon showing signs of 'losing control'  

An Israeli government working against the interests of the Jewish People? By David Bedein July 25, 2005  

Corruption and Israel's Disengagement Process; Knesset Investigation of Alleged Corruption on the Highest Level of the Disenagement Process Commences, David Bedein  

Cyril Kern to Build Casino on Elei Sinai Lands  

News 17, October, 2005 :  

Oct. 17, 2005 IDF arrests 18 Palestinian fugutives in West Bank By Staff   

Shootout Reported Between IDF & Terrorists in Shechem Oct 17, '05 / 14 Tishrei 5766  

Oct. 17, 2005 Mofaz orders IDF to reimpose blockades on W. Bank cities By Matthew Guttman, Herb Keinon And JPost Staff  

Sukkot Begins Tonight – Security Heightened Oct 17, '05 / 14 Tishrei 5766   

Terrorists Fulfill Mofaz’s Prophecy Oct 17, '05 / 14 Tishrei 5766   

In the prime of their lives: The stories of the lives of the young victims murdered in drive-by terror attack Efrat Weiss   

Verbal Confrontation at Gush Etzion Shooting Site Oct 17, '05 / 14 Tishrei 5766  

Leave Lili alone: An attempt to strike at Ariel Sharon is a new low for Israeli politics Eliezer Hasdai  

News 16, October, 2005 :  

>>Oct. 16, 2005 Police raise alert level prior to Succot  

Terror Group Aligned with PA Vows to Liberate the Galilee Oct 16, '05 / 13 Tishrei 5766 By Scott Shiloh   

Mofaz: No Private Arab Vehicles on Yesha Roads Oct 16, '05 / 13 Tishrei 5766  

16/10/2005 Right-wing MKs: Gaza pullout set stage for Gush Etzion attack. By Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service   

Arabs Kill 3, Wound 5 in Gush Etzion; One Wounded Near Eli Oct 16, '05 / 13 Tishrei 5766 By Scott Shiloh   

Oct. 16, 2005 Russians in Gaza training PA cops By Khaled Abu Toameh  

Exit PA, Enter Egypt Abbas Invites Foreign Rule in PA   

Bush Tells PA: 'Don't Worry, I'll Sway Israel' Oct 16, '05 / 13 Tishrei 5766. By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Poll: Israelis Oppose Unilateral Pullouts; PM Aide: More Planned Oct 16, '05 / 13 Tishrei 5766 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu   

Oct. 16, 2005 Time runs out for Gaza evacuees By Tovah Lazaroff  

News 15, October, 2005 :  

Oct. 15, 2005 Gaza border issue still up in the air. By Associated Press  

Oct. 15, 2005 Kassam found next to Sharon's ranch. By Arieh O'Sullivan  

Oct. 15, 2005 Column One: Battle for the 'settlement blocs' By Caroline Glick  

News 14, October, 2005 :  

>>Oct 14, 2005 Another Quiet Battle Between Army and Religious-Zionist Public. By Hillel Fendel  

>>Kfar Darom´s Plans Abruptly Changed Oct 14, '05 / 11 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel  

News 13, October, 2005 :  

Boy pressed to carry out attack: Palestinian boy detained by IDF threatened by terrorists, told he must carry out suicide bombing in Israel. Terror suspects forced youngster to write will, photographed him with weapons, Quran. Efrat Weiss  

Oct. 13, 2005 Fatah gangs run rampant throughout Gaza Strip. By Khaled Abu Toameh   

Thursday, October 13, 2005 70% of Israeli Jews Fast [Ha'aretz considers only secular to be "Israelis"?] Dr. Aaron Lerner   

News 12, October, 2005 :  

>>No Forgiveness, No Pardon, No Atonement? by David Wilder Erev Yom Kippur. October 12, 2005  

>>IDF Rabbi Who Called for Refusal to Uproot Released From Jail Oct 12, '05 / 9 Tishrei 5766  

>>State Comptroller Wants Answers Regarding Disengagement Oct 12, '05 / 9 Tishrei 5766  

>>State of Gush Katif, Northern Gaza and Northern Shomron Communities Report #10, October 12, 2005: Victim of Disengagement: 30,000 shekel to bury him "because he doesn't live here"   

>>Long-Wanted Hamas Terrorist Nabbed By IDF Oct 12, '05 / 9 Tishrei 5766  

National atonement: We all have more than personal sins to atone for this Yom Kippur. Yuval Sherlo  

Amazing Prayer Rally for Pollard at Ma'araht HaMachpela Justice4JP Release - Tuesday, October 11, 2005   

12/10/2005 IDF to recommend releasing more Palestinian prisoners By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent  

Terrorist Involved in Be’er Sheva Attack Apprehended South of Hevron Oct 12, '05 / 9 Tishrei 5766  

Oct. 12, 2005 Exclusive: IDF deploys new radar system near Gaza. By Arieh O'Sullivan  

News 11, October, 2005 :  

Katif Families Continue to Live in Uncertainty Oct 11, '05 / 8 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel  

Gov't Tries to Break Apart Gush Katif Community Oct 11, '05 / 8 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel   

11/10/2005 State told to compensate far-rightist for false arrest By Haaretz Service  

Oct. 11, 2005 Federman awarded damages for false imprisonment. By Staff   

11/10/2005 International spending plan aims to give quick boost to Gaza. By The Associated Press  

Terrorists Running in Palestinian Authority Elections Oct 11, '05 / 8 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel   

Don't Give Them Guns: Reviving a Slogan After More Than 1,000 People Murdered in Cold Blood in Five Years? HaTzofeh Editorial   

11/10/2005 Israel mulling PA pleas to release jailed Palestinians By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service   

Investigation Against Police Brutality Dropped Oct 11, '05 / 8 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel  

Charges Brought Against Expulsion Opponents Oct 11, '05 / 8 Tishrei 5766  

Oct. 11, 2005 Our World: Israel's new strategic environment. By Caroline Glick  

Report #9: State of evicted Gush Katif, Northern Gaza & N. Shomron Communities. Toby Klein Glreenwald  

Oct. 11, 2005 Hotel to evict G. Katif families (Again?? mb)By Tova Lazaroff  

News 10, October, 2005 :  

>>Inconsolable Hope by Ellen W. Horowitz Oct 10, '05 / 7 Tishrei 5766   

>>Expelled Sa-Nur Artists' Exhibition in Jerusalem Oct 10, '05 / 7 Tishrei 5766   

>>Terrorists Detected Near Kissufim Oct 10, '05 / 7 Tishrei 5766   

10/10/2005 Shin Bet nabs 117 Hamas members in West Bank By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent  

The Evacuees / Hof Dekalim residents - Group on the margins of Katif set to receive no compensation By Nir Hasson   

Israel indifferent to breached border: Israel-Egypt border breached for passage of goods and people. Over past two years IDF confiscated 300 rifles and 30 tons of hashish. Since pullout, smuggling has increased. Anat Bershkovsky   

Al-Qaeda Bases in Sinai Oct 10, '05 / 7 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel  

10/10/2005 New right group aims to topple 'illegitimate' Sharon gov't. By Ron Bousso, Haaretz Correspondent  

13 PA Arabs Arrested near Kibbutz Shomeria Oct 10, '05 / 7 Tishrei 5766  

Peace Index: September 2005 / The domestic picture grows darker. By Prof. Ephraim Yaar and Prof. Tamar Herman. Troubles in society and governance are increasingly concerning the public.   

Monday, October 10, 2005 [Security holiday?] IDF to suspend round-up operations in the West Bank  

Monday, October 10, 2005 Easing of Restrictions During Month of Ramadan  

News 9, October, 2005 :  

PA makes pre-summit demands: Ynet has learned that the PA has demanded Israel withdraw from Bethlehem and release senior prisoners as precondition for planned summit between Sharon and Abbas; meeting between PM advisor Weisglass and Palestinian negotiator Erekat characterized as ‘positive,’ but no agreements reached. Ali Waked  

Get out your flak jackets: Settlers beware, Sharon will continue to rumble forward. by Eitan Haber  

Boim: The Disengagement Ends When Families Are Resettled Oct 09, '05 / 6 Tishrei 5766  

MK against ‘Yom Kippur campaign’: Poraz argues that it is not the state’s responsibility to fund a campaign using tax payers’ money to persuade people to become observant Jews. Ilan Marciano  

Government Orders Opening of Karni Crossing Oct 09, '05 / 6 Tishrei 5766  

Cornerstone Laid on Gush Katif Ruins for New Arab City Oct 09, '05 / 6 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel   

09/10/2005 IDF: Terrorists are trying to abduct Israeli civilians By Amos Harel and Gideon Alon, Haaretz Correspondents   

Oct. 9, 2005 Al-Qaida raises its head in Gaza By Khaled Abu Toameh   From 'terrorist' to 'activist': Let the reader beware: Only Jews are afraid of national pride. Elyakim Haetzni  

Another Sabbath Scare for Katif Expellees Oct 09, '05 / 6 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel  

News 8, October, 2005 :  

>>Saturday, October 8, 2005 Syria prepares for arrival of Russian S-18 missiles Geostrategy-Direct,   

Shirat HaYam Gush Katif Refugees Receive a One-Week Reprieve Oct 08, '05 / 5 Tishrei 5766  

'Final stage - war against Israel': A letter found by U.S troops in Iraq sent by Bin Laden's deputy to Islamic insurgent leader in Iraq, reveals al-Qaeda's future strategies; according to the letter, terror against Israel is the final stage of al-Qaeda's plan to take control of the Middle East. Yitzhak Benhorin, Washington   

Oct. 8, 2005 Sharon to review Rafah deal By Staff and AP  

Report #7: State of Gush Katif, Northern Gaza and Northern Shomron Communities. Toby Klein-Greenwald  

News 7, October, 2005 :  

>>45 GK families, some of whom cooperated with the gov't before the expulsion and are waiting for their as-yet unfinished housing in Nitzan, were kicked out of the Shirat HaYam hotel in Ashkelon today an hour before Shabbat.No alternate arrangements were made for them. The were kicked out because of a disagreement between the gov't and the owner of the hotel.  

Oct. 7, 2005 Exclusive: Millionaire Moskowitz endorses Landau. By Gil Hoffman   

Oct. 7, 2005 NIS 85m. to protect border communities. By Arieh O'Sullivan  

07/10/2005 World Bank supports sunken road from Gaza to West Bank. By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent  

Hesder Rabbi: Deduct days off your reserve duty. Head of Hesder Yeshiva tells religious newspaper readers to deduct days from their reserve duty as 'compensation' for days spent in jail protesting the disengagement. Ilan Marciano   

News 6, October, 2005 :  

Oct. 6, 2005 Lapid insists: Shinui to stay in opposition. By Staff  

Sharon Invites Lapid’s Shinui Party Back into Coalition Oct 06, '05 / 3 Tishrei 5766 By Scott Shiloh   

Israel Approves EU Supervision Over Egyptian-PA Border Crossing Oct 06, '05 / 3 Tishrei 5766  

Abbas Demands that Israel Stop Building in Judea and Samaria Oct 06, '05 / 3 Tishrei 5766  

Abbas Sends SOS to Sharon Oct 06, '05 / 3 Tishrei 5766 By Hillel Fendel  

Building Must Come From the Destruction by Nadia Matar Oct 06, '05 / 3 Tishrei 5766  

The Winners and the Losers by David Wilder Oct 06, '05 / 3 Tishrei 5766  

06/10/2005 IDF finds: Fairer sex proves to be the stronger during pullout By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent.(Distorted analysis of "normal behavior"? Just like all Totalitarian regimes -- demented psychologists and behavioral scientists towing the regime's line! Any opponent of the regime automatically classed a psychopath! MB)  

Oct. 6, 2005 Mother of five stabs female soldier near Nablus. By Margot Dudkevitch   

News 3, October, 2005 :  

>>03/10 The Final Days of Neve Dekalim: A personal journal. By Chagai Huberman.  

>>Happy Holiday: IDF Sends Tons of Food to Gaza Arabs for Ramadan Oct 03, '05 / 29 Elul 5765(What about 500,000 starving Jewish children?? The Gush Katif refugees?? MB)  

Despite Sharon's Assurances, Unilateral Withdrawals Will Continue Nahum Barnea Senior Columnist, Yediot Aharonot   

Anita Tucker, Netzer Hazani Still Ticking Oct 03, '05 / 29 Elul 5765 By David A. Miller  

03/10/2005 Ashkelon hotel agrees to house Gaza evacuees on Rosh Hashanah. By Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondent   

Oct. 3, 2005 Exclusive: Kern probed again over Sharon loan. By Yaakov Katz  

Oct. 3, 2005 1,200 Gaza evacuees still in temporary housing. By Staff  

Series of burglaries in Nitzan cara-villas: Residents and police initially suspect burglars responsible for series of thefts at Nitzan's cara-villa site; however, police now believe a resident to be the thief. Shmulik Hadad  

Update on Gush Katif, Present and Future Oct 03, '05 / 29 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Report #6,: State of Gush Katif, Northern Gaza and Northern Shomron Communities -- Jewish Agency Rejection of Eibim Solution : Leads to Major Questions re: Role of the Jewish Agency vs. Disengagement Authority. Toby Klein Greenwald  

Hotel Tells Expellee Guests to Leave Oct 03, '05 / 29 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

News 2, October, 2005 :  

>>From Mortars to Bulldozers - Israel's Dilemma in the New Year. David Bedein   

Open Letter from the Youth - and Rabbi´s Response Oct 02, '05 / 28 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

PFLP Leadership Moving From Syria to Gaza Oct 02, '05 / 28 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Threat in Sinai; alert in Israel: Taba border terminal nearly deserted following travel warnings issued by Counter-Terror Bureau regarding possibility that terror groups may attempt to kidnap Israelis in Sinai; meanwhile, police go on highest alert ahead of holiday season, Seya Egozy  

Jibril on way back to Gaza? The head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmed Jibril, is planning to make Gaza is permanent home, London-based al-Hayat newspaper reports, Roee Nahmias  

02/10/2005 'Terror cells in Sinai are poised to kidnap Israelis' By Yoav Stern and Revital Levy-Stein, Haaretz Correspondents, and Haaretz Service  

Rabbi: Next time I’ll call for refusal. In interview ahead of Rosh Hashana, Former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu says settlers were ‘too gentle’ during evacuation, vows to return to Gaza, Efrat Weiss  

Oct. 2, 2005 Exclusive: Landau to visit Temple Mt. By Gil Hoffman  

News 1, October, 2005 :  

Syria: Israel will leave Golan Heights: Damascus Radio, a mouthpiece for government positions, says, ‘What happened in south Lebanon and Gaza will happen in the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Jerusalem; Syria will eventually gain full control over the Golan Heights, even if the process will be long and difficult’ Roee Nahmias  

Rice: PA will eventually disarm Hamas: U.S. Secretary of State says during visit to Princeton University that the U.S. Administration has maintained its view of Hamas as a terror group. Yitzhak Benhorin(PA disarm Hamas -- Dream on!! MB)  

Oct. 1, 2005 Column One: The rewards of cynicism By Caroline Glick  

Dreaming of Home by Rachel Saperstein Sep 30, '05 / 26 Elul 5765   

Oct. 1, 2005 The war of the camps By Matthew Wagner and Yaakov Katz   

News 30 September, 2005:  

U.S. officials: Gaza exit not last: Senior U.S. State Department officials tell UAE newspaper all parties involved in peace process, including Israelis and Palestinians, convinced more withdrawals in store, say Hamas terrorists must disarm. Roee Nahmias   

Arabs Attack, Jews Arrested Sep 30, '05 / 26 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Request to Stop Arab Take-Over of Jewish Hevron Land Sep 30, '05 / 26 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Mixed Messages Reflect the Reality Sep 30, '05 / 26 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Sep. 30, 2005 Arabs commemorate 5 years since Oct. 2000 riots By Staff  

IDF on Alert Against Terrorist Abduction Attempt Sep 30, '05 / 26 Elul 5765  

International Observers May be Heading to Gaza Sep 30, '05 / 26 Elul 5765  

Security Fence Surveillance Cameras Not Functioning Sep 30, '05 / 26 Elul 5765  

News 29 September, 2005:  

>>September 29, 2005 FROM WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAU Hamas study predicts rocket war on Israel, Contradicts terror leader's vow to 'cease all attacks' from Gaza By Aaron Klein © 2005  

PM denies plan for `Disengagement II' By Aluf Benn   

Likud Officials Urge Sharon to Start Building in Gush Etzion and MA Sep 29, '05 / 25 Elul 5765  

Sep. 29, 2005 Palestinians and Jews clash in Hebron Kasba By Staff  

Youth Honored for Fighting Against Disengagement Sep 29, '05 / 25 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Sharon's Victory: Business Before Security by David Bedein Sep 29, '05 / 25 Elul 5765  

Israel Faces Terrorism on Two Fronts Sep 29, '05 / 25 Elul 5765 By H. Fendel  

Sharon: No More Disengagements, Just Road Map Sep 29, '05 / 25 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel(How long do we keep believing Sharon's Serial Lies? MB)  

PM Working to Bring Shas into Coalition Sep 29, '05 / 25 Elul 5765   

News 28 September, 2005:  

1948 Report to the UN Explodes PLO Myth of National Liberation by Jared Israel Sep 28, '05 / 24 Elul 5765  

>>Levran Mocks New IDF Policy Sep 28, '05 / 24 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Palestinian Arab leaders derive legitimacy from the accepted view that in 1948 their predecessors fought a National Liberation war against British-backed Jewish colonists. A 1948 Nation magazine study proves the opposite happened. The British Record on Partition Reprinted from The Nation, May 8, 1948 Comments by Jared Israel, Emperor's Clothes.  

Thousands Attend Jerusalem Salute to Gush Katif & Northern Samaria Evictees Sep 28, '05 / 24 Elul 5765Note: Ynet Updates states as follows: "09/28/2005 23:00 Right-wing rally in Jerusalem ends, 13,000 attend. The right-wing rally in Jerusalem has ended. About 13,000 rightist activists, mostly youths from across the country, took part in the event, including youngsters from evacuated settlements. (Efrat Weiss)  

'Third intifada almost here' Palestinians say region is on brink of new confrontation, 'much more severe than the one before it' Ali Waked  

28/09/2005 PM aide: If no progress with PA, gov't may annex part of W. Bank By Haaretz Service -- Eyal Arad: Israel may mull setting its own border; PMO: No plan for further unilateral pullout (If you believe that, I got a bridge to sell you cheap! MB)  

Orlev: Find jobs for evacuees: In the wake of the disengagement, about 1,000 evacuated settlers were left unemployed. National Religious Party Chairman Zevulun Orlev now wants State to help them find a job. Ilan Marciano  

Gush Katif Reunion at Kisufim Crossing Sep 28, '05 / 24 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Only One Minister Bothers to Attend Disengagement Committee Meeting Sep 28, '05 / 24 Elul 5765  

Gaza evacuees: Where are you now? Gush Katif evacuees gather near Kissufim crossing to hold rally marking recent evacuation; settlers then march to Kfar Maimon. Anat Barshkovsky  

28/09/2005 Top PM aide: If no progress with PA, gov't may annex in W. Bank By Haaretz Service  

PA Report: Blast During Hamas Parade Caused by Hamas Rockets, Not Israel Sep 28, '05 / 24 Elul 5765  

Sep. 28, 2005 Report: Assad tells terror groups - Attack Israel By Staff  

'We dreamed of growing old together': Shocked family mouns the murder of Sasson Nuriel at the hands of Hamas terrorists; attempts made to prevent Hamas video of interrogation of Sasson reaching children and wife of victim. Doron Sheffer  

News 27 September, 2005:  

>>Hamas Releases Iraq-Style Video of Murdered Israeli Sep 27, '05 / 23 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

>>27/09/2005 If you lie down with missiles By Yoel Marcus   

Mofaz threatens, Qassam fire continues: Rocket fired from Gaza toward southern city of Sderot lands in open field; no injuries reported. Defense minister tours IDF positions near Gaza Strip, threatens to hit terror groups until attacks on Israeli communities end, says ‘new rules’ to be established. Mofaz: Artillery battery not here for decoration. Ronny Sofer  

Hamas: More abductions planned: Terror group claims responsibility for abduction, murder of Jerusalem-area man, says more kidnappings in the cards. Ali Waked  

Likud ‘rebels’ turn on Bibi: Senior Sharon objector within Likud tells Ynet: Hostility towards Netanyahu incomprehensible, we must choose worthy leader to battle Sharon; meanwhile, Foreign Minister Shalom calls for healing of rift within Likud party Ilan Marciano, Diana Bahur-Nir contributed to the story 2005  

News 26 September, 2005:  

>>DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN: The City of Sderot After Disengagement. by Nahum Barnea  

>>Report #5: State of Gush Katif, Northern Gaza and Northern Shomron Communities. Toby Klein Greenwald  

>>After Disengagement: A Strategic Insight. Dr. Boaz Ganor   

>>PA Foreign Minister Renews Call to Invoke PLO "Phased Plan of Stages" Col. (res) Jonathan D. Halevi  

>>Sep. 26, 2005 Our World: The death of memory By Caroline Glick  

Weekly Calendar: Tucker, Cytryn, Katif Reunion and More Sep 26, '05 / 22 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

Israel Presses Forward With Gaza Offensive By Ibrahim Barzak, Associated Press Writer Mon Sep 26, 2005  

Jerusalem Man Kidnapped and Murdered by Hamas Sep 26, '05 / 22 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

German Report: Schlaff Tried to Bribe Ariel Sharon Sep 26, '05 / 22 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

The Media Circus Surrounding the Sharon Microphone Affair Sep 26, '05 / 22 Elul 5765  

26/09/2005 Paroxysms in Likud as party opens vote By Haaretz Staff   

Sderot Residents Not Satisfied With Gov't Response to Rockets Sep 26, '05 / 22 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Sep. 26, 2005 Rockets fall in Sderot after pullout By Hilary Leila Kreiger  

News 25 September, 2005:  

>>American Jewish Leaders and the Gaza Withdrawal By Rachel Neuwirth Sep 25, 2005  

25/09/2005 Analysis: Sharon has been driven into a corner by Hamas By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent  

>>Under the Rockets Red Glare by Paula R. Stern Sep 25, '05 / 21 Elul 5765  

>>Hebron is the next battleground for the deniers of Israel's national claims By David Frankfurter September 25, 2005   

>>OC OPERATIONS MAJ.-GEN. ZIV: "Our aim is to put an end to all threats of firing of Kassam rockets into Israeli territory" Sunday, September 25, 2005  

Sep. 25, 2005 IAF kills senior Jihad leader in Gaza By Arieh O'Sullivan (Killed terrorists were responsible for the murder of the Hatuel family members in May of 2004.)   

Gush Katif Refugees Prefer to Resettle in Lachish Area Sep 25, '05 / 21 Elul 5765 By Scott Shiloh   

Sharon Talks Tough but Gov´t Limits Retaliation Sep 25, '05 / 21 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Gov´t OKs Limited Response in Rocket War Sep 25, '05 / 21 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

5-year-old in Sderot: I want to move Ronny Sofer   

Family of Sderot Girl Killed by Kassam: It's All Coming Back Sep 25, '05 / 21 Elul 5765  

Synagogue to become Hamas museum: Izz el-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing, plans to set up exhibit of the terror group’s ‘military industry’ in synagogue of evacuated settlement of Netzarim. On display: Suicide attack apparatus, missiles stones used to ‘abolish the Gaza occupation’ Ali Waked  

25/09/2005 Crucial Likud meeting to begin in shadow of Gaza turmoil By Haaretz Staff  

Heightened Police Alert Status Sep 25, '05 / 21 Elul 5765   

Cabinet OKs harsh response: Following Qassam barrage on southern Israeli communities, security cabinet approves defense establishment recommendations, including renewed targeted killings, artillery fire, strikes on Palestinian infrastructure in Gaza Strip Diana Bahur-Nir  

25/09/2005 Security cabinet approves response against Qassams By Amos Harel, Arnon Regular, Nir Hasson, Haaretz Staff and AP   

News 24 September, 2005:  

The Evacuees / `We really have no place to go' By Nir Hasson
A little addition to the story: A few days ago 10 caravans were brought into Even Shmuel, even though 20 are needed. They were left there, with no connection to any kind of utilities!!! What are these people expected to do? They cannot possibly afford to set this up on their own! It's unbelievable what has been going on. There is no limit to what the government is capable of doing to these poor people! They have been through so much - enough is enough! (this email was received by us commenting on the above story.MB)  

>>Help the victims of Katif, not just Katrina By Lori Lowenthal Marcus September 24, 2005   

24/09/2005 Sderot municipality to shut down schools after Qassam attacks By Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and The Associated Press  

Sep. 24, 2005 Kassam lands near western Negev kibbutz By Margot Dudkevitch  

PAllywood: The Biggest News Scandal of All Time is Being Ignored  

Israel Unleashes Airstrikes Against Hamas By Ibrahim Barzak, Associated Press Writer  

Sep. 24, 2005 Column One: Israel's disengaged establishment By Caroline Glick  

Hamad Research Center: Moving the Armed Struggle to Judea and Samaria Correspondent, Hatzofeh  

More forces dispatched to Gaza: IDF boosts presence on outskirts of Strip; Sharon convenes cabinet Saturday evening to discuss Gaza escalation Sderot Mayor: Surge in rocket attacks ‘test for government’ Ronny Sofer   

Sep. 24, 2005 4 Kassam rockets land in Sderot; one civilian wounded By Margot Dudkevitch and JPost Staff  

Sep. 24, 2005 Timeframe: Attacks on western Negev By Margot Dudkevitch  

Sep. 24, 2005 PA, Hamas argue over blast By Khaled Abu Toameh  

Sep. 24, 2005 Friday's Hamas rally ends in explosion By Margot Dudkevitch and AP, JABALYA, Gaza Strip   

Sep. 24, 2005 Qurei: PFLP members (assassins of former Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi) should go free By Khaled Abu Toameh  

News 23 September, 2005:  

Volunteer fund-raisers dish out more than NIS 200,000 to meet immediate needs of families from Gush Katif** By Shoshana Kordova (**For the record: NO ONE in the hotels, the Guesthouses, or the tents has received even 1 Shekel from SELA. And only the first few who applied for compensation who are now in the Caravillas have received any money. And that the first few were given keys to completed (albeit fire hazard and flood-prone) caravillas and given checks was a ruse the entice others to sign up with SELA. The subsequent signers have received NOTHING! Sharon/Weissglass/Bassi; Why do you ALL lie like rugs???)  

Eight Girls Protest Unjust Law, Remain in Prison Sep 23, '05 / 19 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Sep. 23, 2005 Netanyahu meeting with MKs for impeachment of PM By Tovah Lazaroff and JPost Staff  

Analysts: Netanyahu Working to Topple Gov’t! Sep 23, '05 / 19 Elul 5765  

News 22 September, 2005:  

>>Sickening plunder of Gaza's green gems. By Corky Siemaszko Daily News Staff Writer Thursday, September 22nd, 2005  

Bibi: "Are We Likud, or Meretz?" Sep 22, '05 / 18 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

MK Calls For Civil Disobedience Against State-Run Media Sep 22, '05 / 18 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Refugees Outraged as Gov’t Asks They Leave Hotels Sep 22, '05 / 18 Elul 5765  

Gush Katif Refugees Being Told to Displace Themselves Sep 22, '05 / 18 Elul 5765  

N´vei Dekalim Families in Jerusalem Trying to Plan Future Sep 22, '05 / 18 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

Sep. 22, 2005 Hyatt wants to disengage evacuees By Staff  

"Gathering and Renewing Strength" Sep 22, '05 / 18 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

News 21 September, 2005:  

>>Israeli Government Violations of Disengagement Opponents' Civil Rights by Atty. Itzak Bam, Dr. Yitzchak Klein, Shmuel Meidad 21st September, 2005  

>>No Solution for Moshav Katif Sep 21, '05 / 17 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Israel: al-Qaida Ready to Infiltrate Gaza by By Mark Lavie, Associated Press Writer  

Sep. 21, 2005 Israel's frontier with Gaza becomes int'l boundary By Sheera Claire Frenkel   

21/09/2005 PM: Convening central committee is attempt to overthrow me By Mazal Mualem, Haaretz Correspondent  

Likud battle heats up by Attila Somfalvi  

Days of surrealism: While Sharon was being praised in NY, his Gaza pullout policy was unraveling by Martin Sherman   

Arabs Establish Outpost on Hevron's Ancient Jewish Cemetery Sep 21, '05 / 17 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Sep. 21, 2005 Diskin: Terror operations shifting to the West Bank By Associated Press   

Shin Bet: PA barely functioning  

Israel Makes Gaza De Facto an Arab State Sep 21, '05 / 17 Elul 5765   

Sep. 21, 2005 Quartet meets in NY, impatient for more withdrawals By Herb Keinon   

21/09/2005 Livnat leads pressure on PM to vow to stay in Likud By Mazal Mualem, Haaretz Correspondent  

Sharon needs to make his move now By Yossi Verter(Could, might and maybe -- MB)  

News 20 September, 2005:  

>>Sep. 20, 2005 Encourage Arab emigration By Michael Kleiner   

>>Report #3, September 20: State of Gush Katif, Northern Sinai and Northern Shomron Communities Toby Klein Greenwald   

>>Official PA Media: EU Monitoring Role Negotiated for Rafah Palestine Media Center - PMC September 20th, 2005   

Uzi Dayan: Israel Must Destroy Another 32 Towns Sep 20, '05 / 16 Elul 5765 By Scott Shiloh  

Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Dayan Suggests Expelling 20,000 More Jews From Their Homes Sep 20, '05 / 16 Elul 5765  

Sep. 20, 2005 Mazuz to examine alleged PM fundraiser By Herb Keinon and JPost Staff  

Sep. 20, 2005 Our World: Arik's talking points By Caroline Glick  

IDF Removes Educational Essay Mocking Torah and Holy Temple Tuesday, September 20, 2005 / 16 Elul 5765  

West Bank: Palestinians raid settlements, Ali Waked   

Shirat Hayam Refugees to Start New Town in Jordan Valley Sep 20, '05 / 16 Elul 5765  

Gaza evacuees to move to West Bank: Several settler families from evacuated Morag settlement set to temporarily relocate to West Bank community of Tene-Omarim by Anat Barshkovsky   

Sep. 20, 2005 Rice gives mixed signals about Hamas in elections By Associated Press   

Sep. 20, 2005 Knesset Finance Committee Spokesman: 'We don't know where the money went' By Sheera Claire Frenkel  

Sharon’s low blows: One need not be a Bibi supporter to see through PM’s lies by Yaron London  

Sep. 19, 2005 Villagers loot Homesh; IDF stays away By Margot Dudkevitch  

News 19 September, 2005:  

>>Palestinian Authority Officer Confirms: Serious Weapons Smuggled Into Gaza Strip by Danny Shalom and Hagai Huberman Correspondents, Hatzofeh September 19th, 2005  

>>State of Gush Katif, Northern Sinai and Northern Shomron Communities: Evacuee Update 2 Toby Klein-Greenwald   

>>Poll: Jordan top anti-Jew nation; Russia most pro-Christian Monday, September 19, 2005  

How Our Gush Katif Brethren Are Living: Ir Emuna – The City of Faith Katherine (Gita) Weiner  

19/09/2005 Report: Sharon raised illegal campaign funds in New York By The Associated Press  

Sep. 19, 2005 Sharon allegedly raises illegal funds while in NY By Staff   

Channel 10: Sharon Continues to Violate Election Laws Sep 19, '05 / 15 Elul 5765  

PA Enraged Over Israeli Buffer Zone Plans Sep 19, '05 / 15 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Teeth-gnashing over Philadelphi By Danny Rubinstein   

Report: EU forces may deploy in Gaza Ynet reporters   

Hamas gunmen parade in Gaza Ali Waked  

>>Sep. 7, 2005 Evacuated entreprenuers seek support By Daniel Kennemer   

>>Sep. 7, 2005 Gov't: Evacuee firms fairly treated By Daniel Kennemer  

The Evacuees / The Ignitz Family - Two tough winters ahead of them By David Ratner  

Nitzan Becoming Mini-Gush Katif? Sep 19, '05 / 15 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Knesset Committee Allocates NIS 1.5 billion to Compensate Jewish Refugees Sep 19, '05 / 15 Elul 5765 -- Only now is compensation approved?? And Only by Knesset Finance Committee??(MB)   

Israel Looking to Station Int’l Forces on Philadelphi Route Sep 19, '05 / 15 Elul 5765  

Sharon Continues Efforts to Delegitimize the Voice of Opposition Sep 19, '05 / 15 Elul 5765  

News 18 September, 2005:  

>>Israel's Black September, by Walter Bingham Sep 18, '05 / 14 Elul 5765  

>>Ganei Tal Residents Cope With Government Callousness Sep 18, '05 / 14 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

>>Austrian Prosecutor “Almost Certain” Sharon Took Bribe Sep 18, '05 / 14 Elul 5765 By Scott Shiloh  

Arab and Left-Wing MKs Visit Hevron, Jewish Residents See Visit as Provocation Sep 18, '05 / 14 Elul 5765  

Gush Katif Expellees Update Sep 18, '05 / 14 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Kibbutz Movement Demands Protection for Gaza Border Towns Sep 18, '05 / 14 Elul 5765 By Scott Shiloh  

Sep. 18, 2005 MKs demand Sharon loan probe By Yaakov Katz  

36 Illegals Apprehended at Plugot Junction Sep 18, '05 / 14 Elul 5765  

18/09/2005 PA says Gaza border has been closed after days of chaos By The Associated Press and Haaretz Service   

Sep. 18, 2005 Palestinians reject Gaza security zone By Khaled Abu Toameh  

Arabs Ransack Homesh, IDF Stays Away Sep 18, '05 / 14 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

News 17 September, 2005:  

National Security Official: Israel Working with Hamas Sep 17, '05 / 13 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu   

Sep. 17, 2005 At least 300 Palestinians storm Homesh By AP and JPost Staff  

17/09/2005 Palestinians enter evacuated W. Bank settlement of Homesh By Aluf Benn and Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondents, and News Agencies  

Sep. 17, 2005 PA: 100,000 crossed Gaza-Egypt border since Monday By Khaled Abu Toameh   

News 16 September, 2005:  

>>Has Israeli deterrence become a farce? Dr. Aaron Lerner Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)   

>>Gaza sewage could cripple desalination facility By Ze'ev Schiff, Senior Haaretz Military Affairs Correspondent   

>>Spreading of Pollutants from a Sewage Outfall Along the Gaza Strip Prof. Steve Brenner  

Gaza Evacuees Fear for Their Safety Sep 16, '05 / 12 Elul 5765   

From wastewater to war By Ze'ev Schiff  

Gaza sewage could cripple desalination facility By Ze'ev Schiff   

Gov't Leaves Expulsion Victims Without Work Sep 16, '05 / 12 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu & Nissan Ratzlav-Katz   

DM Mofaz Calls for Expanded "Buffer Zone" in Northern Gaza Sep 16, '05 / 12 Elul 5765 By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz  

16/09/2005 Palestinians say they have closed Gaza-Egypt frontier By Aluf Benn and Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondents, and News Agencies   

Sep. 16, 2005 Gilad: Events in Gaza Strip have been surprising By JPost Staff (Duh?!?: MB)   

Sep. 16, 2005 2 Palestinians infiltrate Israel from Gaza Strip  

Netanyahu: What About the Destruction of Synagogues Sep 16, '05 / 12 Elul 5765  

The Lebanonization of Gaza Sep 16, '05 / 12 Elul 5765   

Possible Terrorist Infiltration in the Area of Netiv Ha’Asarah Sep 16, '05 / 12 Elul 5765  

Sep. 16, 2005 PA Min: Israel shouldn't interfere with PA affairs By Staff  

News 15 September, 2005:  

Sep. 15, 2005 Column One: Gaza's long shadow By Caroline Glick  

Rabbi Nissimi, Using a Channel Ten Film, Plans to Appeal Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

N'vei Dekalim Yeshiva Seeking Books, Desks Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765   

Sep. 15, 2005 Mofaz says the open Rafah border cannot remain By Margot Dudkevitch  

Was Bibi Right? FM Shalom Says, 'Let's Wait' Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765  

Sep. 15, 2005 PA officials confirm weapons and drugs smuggling By Khaled Abu Toameh  

Border Open While Abbas Says It Is Closed Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765   

Sep. 15, 2005 Living on a prayer By Tamar Wisemon  

News Agency Admits Anti-Israeli Error on Synagogue Burning Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765  

Shalom slams ‘barbaric act’: Foreign minister says PA failed first test, as Palestinian mobs raid evacuated Gaza Strip settlements early Monday, sows destruction, sets empty synagogues on fire. MK Steinitz: PA not a peace partner. Palestinian officials say they intend to destroy synagogues Ali Waked (View Video)  

Sep. 15, 2005 Gaza evacuees to start paying hotel fees tomorrow By Staff  

Bush rejects request to release Pollard By Aluf Benn   

Nadia Matar Explains Her Arrest Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Analysis: The inside story of why the Gush Katif synagogues were destroyed David Bedein  

Take back the holy sites, by Michael Freund, The Jerusalem Post Sep. 13, 2005   

15/09/2005 Israel fears unfettered Al-Qaida infiltration into Gaza Strip By Ze'ev Schiff, Amos Harel and Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondents  

15/09/2005 The Philadelphi route and the next war By Reuven Pedatzur   

Sep. 15, 2005 'Vast amount of arms' enter Gaza By Margot Dudkevitch   

Abu Mazen: We Have Implemented Law & Order Along Philadelphi Road Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765  

PA: Arms smuggled into Gaza -- Palestinian leader Abbas: Mistakes were made in wake of pullout, Gaza-Egypt border now sealed off. PA officials: Drugs, weapons smuggled in from Egypt in recent days Ali Waked   

Egypt Has Closed Down Border Crossing Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765   

IDF Officers Making Contact With the Residents They Expelled Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

A Month After Expulsion – Confusion Continues Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765  

Allegations of Brutality During Sa-Nur Eviction Wednesday Night Sep 15, '05 / 11 Elul 5765  

Limit to citizenship: Daniel Machover has displayed disloyalty to the country and is attempting to sabotage Israel's ability to defend itself, giving the interior minister the right to strip him of citizenship Chaim Misgav (Can there be a message between the lines for Right-Wingers/Nationalists against Gov't policies?MB)   

News 14 September, 2005:  

>>FROM WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAU Americans: Gaza refugees in state of emergency Fact-finding group calls for funding drives to ensure Jews' basic needs Posted: September 14, 2005 By Aaron Klein© 2005   

Egyptian Ambassador to Israel: Smuggling not problem as enough weapons in Gaza as it is, by Aaron Lerner Date: 14 September 2005   

Mourn for Us, Mourn for the World by Naomi Ragen Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765  

Sep. 14, 2005 Gov't quizzed over E1 flip-flop(linkage between J'lem and Ma'alei Adumim)By Etgar Lefkovits  

PA Television: Israel's Destruction is Within Reach Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

14/09/2005 Gaza pullout celebration at Neveh Dekalim ends in gunfire By Haaretz Staff and the Associated Press  

Gaza-Egypt Border Wide Open Despite Egyptian Promises Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi   

14/09/2005 Palestinian FM: Chaos at Gaza-Egypt border is Israel's fault By Aluf Benn (in New York) and Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and News Agencies   

PA Minister Blames Israel for Border Chaos Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765   

Sep. 14, 2005 Vast amounts of arms cross into Gaza By Margot Dudkevitch and JPost Staff   

West Bank: Settlers infiltrate Sa-Nur -- About 60 youngsters and adults barricade themselves on rooftop of evacuated settlement's fortress, three weeks after northern West Bank settlement is evacuated Efrat Weiss  

Sixty Jews in Sa-Nur Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765   

Sep. 14, 2005 After gunfire, Abbas doesn't show up By Khaled Abu Toameh  

Kabbalist Urges Jews to Israel Ahead of Upcoming Disasters Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765 By Baruch Gordon   

No IDF Response to Attacks From Gaza and Other PA Areas Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Sep. 14, 2005 Hamas operatives blow up wall on Gaza-Egypt border By Margot Dudkevitch and JPost Staff  

Expelled Gush Katif Residents Still Homeless and Out of Work Sep 14, '05 / 10 Elul 5765  

Sep. 14, 2005 Running in circles over housing By Etgar Lefkovits  

News 13 September, 2005:  

Understanding a Mortal Blow dealt to Israel by Prof. Marvin Maurer September 13, 2005  

Editorial: Hold Palestinians accountable The Jerusalem Post Sep. 13, 2005   

An orgy of looting and arson Matthew Gutman Sep. 13, 2005  

15 Disengagement Protestors Remain in Prison Sep 13, '05 / 9 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Rice: U.S. to press Israel: America to press Israel, Palestinians to move forward on Sharm understandings, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says; Israel may be expected to hand over more West Bank towns, release prisoners. Rice lauds Israeli-Palestinian cooperation, by Yitzhak Benhorin, Washington  

Katrina Knocks Down Sharon's Plans for Negev, Galilee Sep 13, '05 / 9 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Terrorists Smuggled Weapons During Rafiah Riots Sep 13, '05 / 9 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu   

Israel forced to release three detainees in Gaza as military rule comes to an end By Yuval Yoaz  

13/09/2005 Sharon says expected Palestinians to torch Gaza synagogues By Amos Harel, Arnon Regular and Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondents, and Haaretz Service and Reuters  

Sep. 13, 2005 PA police, gunmen fire in the air in dispute at Netzarim By Staff and AP Neve Dekalim, Gaza Strip  

Int´l Media Justify Synagogue Burnings Sep 13, '05 / 9 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Yishai Seeks Condemnatory Statement From Arab MKs Following Synagogue Desecrations & Destructions Sep 13, '05 / 9 Elul 5765   

Abbas thanks Israeli Left: Speaking in Gaza, PA leader says Gaza withdrawal a ‘historic precedent,’ adds Palestinians strive to remove occupation, settlements from all Palestinian land and chiefly Jerusalem Ali Waked and Reuters  

Terrorists Smuggled Weapons During Rafiah Riots Sep 13, '05 / 9 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Palestinians Set Fire to Empty Synagogues AP
(Scroll down to link -- Palestinians Set Fire to Empty Synagogues)  

Gaza Slideshow AP   

Sep. 13, 2005 An orgy of looting and arson By Matthew Gutman Neve Dekalim, Gaza  

Sep. 13, 2005 Gaza pullout over in less than 12 hours By Margot Dudkevitch Gaza  

Sep. 13, 2005 All Gaza evacuees to be compensated By Daniel Kennener  

News 12 September, 2005:  

>>FROM WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAU Americans shocked Gaza evacuees still homeless: Many living in tents, school dorms, waiting for compensation Posted: September 12, 2005 By Aaron Klein © 2005   

Orange on the Horizon by Moshe Kempinski Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765   

In The Past, Israel Did Not Make Concessions to Terror Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765 “Until the disengagement, our principle position was that we did not make concessions in the wake of terror”: Former IDF chief of staff, Moshe Ya’alon.  

"We´ve Barely Closed Gaza´s Gates and the Rockets Are Falling" Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Security Concerns Result in Ongoing Strike in Sderot School Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765  

Anarchy in Gaza Strip: Ynet reporter provides snapshots of mayhem inside Gaza Strip. Mobs loot, vandalize evacuated communities, gunmen can be seen everywhere, as Palestinian security forces watch. Ali Waked, Gaza. A special report from Gaza: The face of anarchy.   

Kassam Fired at Yad Mordechai Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765 Press  

Responses to the Arabs´ Burning of the Synagogues Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

12/09/2005 Palestinians torch synagogues in former Gaza settlements By The Associated Press and Haaretz Service  

Sep. 12, 2005 Abbas justifies destruction of Gaza synagogues By Associated Press  

Sep. 12, 2005 Report: Palestinians set Morag synagogue on fire By Margot Dudkevitch  

Sep. 12, 2005 Former Neveh Dekalim yeshiva set on fire By Associated Press  

The State of the Communities of Gush Katif and Northern Gaza by Toby Klein Greenwald  

Why Does the Israeli Government Persist in Spreading The Word thst "All is Well" Arlene Kushner Investigative Journalist   

Sep. 12, 2005 High Court asked to wrap up Sharon probe, present findings before election By Yaakov Katz  

12/09/2005 Abbas: IDF withdrawal does not end occupation of Gaza By Arnon Regular, Haaretz Correspondent  

12/09/2005 Palestinians fire Qassam at Sderot; IDF set to defend south By Haaretz Service  

Kassam Rocket Aimed at Sderot Sep 12, '05 / 8 Elul 5765   

Sep. 12, 2005 PA says it will demolish Gaza synagogues By Staff  

News 11 September, 2005:  

11/09 The Orange Band  

Former Chief Rabbi: Every Jew Should Tear Shirt in Mourning as IDF Leaves Gaza Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765  

What Prompted Mofaz’s Synagogue Mutiny? DEBKAfile Special Report September 11, 2005   

Legacy of September 11th, 2005: ISRAEL SPAWNS TERROR BASE FOR THE ENEMY David Bedein  

The Executioner by David Wilder Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765   

Sep. 11, 2005 Evacuees to start paying for hotel stay By Herb Keinon and Jessica Freiman   

PA Takes over Gaza with Ceremony Boycott Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Katif Communities Update Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

IDF Hangs Signs on Gush Katif Synagogues Marking Them as Holy Sites Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765  

Sep. 11, 2005 Israel lowers the flag over Gaza for the last time By Staff  

Sep. 11, 2005 Editorial: Sacking synagogues  

Sep. 11, 2005 Cabinet votes to leave Gaza synagogues intact By Herb Keinon and JPost Staff  

Sep. 9, 2005 Hesder yeshivot oppose two pro-refusal rabbis By Matthew Wagner  

Peace At Last, Steven Plaut  

Sderot Living Sharon’s “Day After Disengagement” Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765  

Cabinet Majority Says It Opposes Destroying Synagogues Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765  

Ramon Blasts Rabbis and Says Destroy Synagogues Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765  

News 10 September, 2005:  

Gunmen take over PA buildings: Dozens of al-Aqsa Brigades members raid two government buildings in Gaza, demand jobs; elsewhere, Italian journalist reportedly abducted by masked gunmen. Meanwhile, Palestinians prepare for handover of Strip Ali Waked   

Sep. 10, 2005 Most ministers to vote against synagogue demolitions By JPost Staff and Dan Izenberg   

Sep. 10, 2005 Israel vows harsh response to terror from Gaza By Associated Press  

Sep. 10, 2005 Egypt begins Philadelphi deployment By Orly Halpern and AP CAIRO, Egypt   

News 9 September, 2005:  

Katz Calls for Minister Pines’ Dismissal Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765   

Gov´t Leaves Much Behind in Gush Katif Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Sharon region prepares for rockets: Residents, security planners in central region that borders that West Bank say they are preparing for the possibility of Qassam rocket and mortar fire Raanan Ben-Zur   

Israel Not Actually Disengaging from Gaza Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Displaced Person from Gush Katif - Liora Wexler Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765 By David Miller  

Final Cabinet Vote on Synagogues to be Held Sunday Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Growing Ministerial Opposition to Synagogue Destruction Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765  

Rabbi Yosef Meets With Senior Ministers to Save Synagogues Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765  

Announcing the “Orange Front” Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765   

Sep. 9, 2005 Exclusive: Austria launches probe into Cyril Kern affair By Yaakov Katz  

Gaza Pullout May be Delayed Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765   

Defense Minister Mofaz Opposes Destruction of Synagogues Sep 09, '05 / 5 Elul 5765  

Sep. 9, 2005 Mofaz: Better that others destroy shuls, not IDF By Staff  

Sep. 9, 2005 Gaza synagogues' demolition halted By Dan Izenberg  

News 8 September, 2005:  

08/09/2005 Demolition of Gaza Strip synagogues to begin Friday By Yuval Yoaz and Nadav Shragai, Haaretz Correspondents   

Final Prayer in Gush Katif Sep 08, '05 / 4 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Shas, NRP Slam Court Ruling Sep 08, '05 / 4 Elul 5765   

Sep. 8, 2005 HCJ clears path for Gaza synagogue demolition By Dan Izenberg and JPost Staff   

Sep. 8, 2005 Symbols and snapshots By Sheera Claire Frenkel  

Senior Official Implicates IDF in Internal Likud Politics Sep 08, '05 / 4 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Army is a Combination of Sacred and Profane Sep 08, '05 / 4 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

The Situation of the Evacuees from Gush Katif Arlene Kushner, Senior Investigative Journalist, Israel Resource News Agency September 7, 2005  

Sep. 8, 2005 Government readies for final phase of evacuation By Dan Izenberg and JPost Staff  

News 7 September, 2005:  

Gaza grows, Evelyn Gordon Sep. 7, 2005  

Expelled Businessmen Slam Gov't for Lack of Help Sep 07, '05 / 3 Elul 5765  

Fact-Finders on Trip: The Needs are Many Sep 07, '05 / 3 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

The Evacuees / Two-time evacuee misses home By Yuval Yoaz   

IDF Officer Demands Resignation of Two Hesder 'Refusal' Rabbis Sep 07, '05 / 3 Elul 5765  

IDF: 63 pullout refuseniks -- A total of 24 insubordinate troops came from hesder yeshivas; army to consider canceling special arrangement with yeshivas whose heads backed refusal IlanMarciano   

Sep. 7, 2005 Moussa Arafat's son Manhal abducted, reported killed By Associated Press Gaza City, Gaza Strip  

Rabbi Yosef: New Orleans Was G-d’s Punishment for Supporting Disengagement Sep 07, '05 / 3 Elul 5765  

More Violence in Gaza: Arab Mob Kills Moussa Arafat Sep 07, '05 / 3 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

News 6 September, 2005:  

IDF Kills Arab as Mob Tries to Overrun N´vei Dekalim Sep 06, '05 / 2 Elul 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu   

Expelled Families: Solution Called Off, No Place to Go Sep 06, '05 / 2 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Sep. 6, 2005 Yad Mordechai pressured to evict Gaza evacuees By Staff  

Update From Gush Katif Sep 06, '05 / 2 Elul 5765  

Last-Minute Rescue Work for Gush Katif Property Sep 06, '05 / 2 Elul 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Hamas develops improved rocket: Terror group increases Qassam range; power station, Sharon’s private residence now in range. Anti-Qassam alert system to be installed in southern town of Ashkelon Alex Fishman   

Nadia Matar Arrested Sep 06, '05 / 2 Elul 5765  

Sep. 6, 2005 HCJ asks PM to leave Gaza shuls intact By Dan Izenberg  

06/09/2005 Court to PM: Ask PA to guard Gaza synagogues after IDF pullout By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent   

GK shul possibly going to Maalei Adumim  

News 5 September, 2005:  

N'vei Dekalim Girls School to Re-Open near Yavneh Sep 05, '05 / 1 Elul 5765  

Video Backs Rabbi's Claim of False Arrest Monday, September 5, 2005 / 1 Elul 5765  

News 4 September, 2005:  

'5000 will refuse draft': New online petition calls on right-wing teens to refuse military service; organizers say '5000' will sign by end of month. 'I won't take part in the expulsion of Jews' says one youth Efrat Weiss  

Ettie Meidad Refuses to be Released Sunday, September 4, 2005 / 30 Av 5765  

Police Attempt to Arrest Nadia Matar Sep 04, '05 / 30 Av 5765   

State Gives In, Releases Mother of Nine from Disengagement Wing Sep 04, '05 / 30 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

PA Has Double Amount of Allowed Weapons Sep 04, '05 / 30 Av 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Gov't: "Don't Free Girls, We Still Have to Destroy Outposts" Sep 04, '05 / 30 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Army Deadline Threatens Gush Katif Hothouses Sep 04, '05 / 30 Av 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu   

Sep. 4, 2005 Gov't determined to raze Gaza shuls By Matthew Wagner and Tovah Lazxaroff  

News 2 September, 2005:  

Expulsion Victims Fear Abandonment Sep 02, '05 / 28 Av 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Rabbis Again Nix Synagogue Destruction Sep 02, '05 / 28 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Imprisoned Anti-Disengagement Activists Drop Out of Touch Friday, September 2, 2005 / 28 Av 5765  

Sep. 2, 2005 Israel won't build near Ma'aleh Adumim By Etgar Lefkovits  

Gov't Flip-Flop Freezes Ma'aleh Adumim Expansion Sep 02, '05 / 28 Av 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu   

Livni Striving to Obtain Approval For Just Settlement For Gush Expellees Sep 02, '05 / 28 Av 5765  

Livni: Pay protesters full compensation; Justice Minister to recommend Gaza residents who refused to leave homes receive near-full compensation Diana Bahur-Nir  

02/09/2005 Gaza settlement councils complain of massive looting By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz Correspondent  

Sep. 2, 2005 Exclusive: Sharon to 'set out dovish vision' By David Horovitz  

Sep. 2, 2005 Israel won't build near Ma'aleh Adumim By Etgar Lefkovits  

'No forgiveness': Funerals for 14 Gush Katif dead reburied in Jerusalem took place Thursday; rabbis, mourners blast those behind disengagement Sheni Mizrahi  

Teens: We will not join IDF: Group of teens draft petition calling on country’s youth not to enlist in the army, as it “fights its own people and thus strengthens the terrorists; petition says, ‘I will object to serving in an army that expelled Jews from their homes, that burned down synagogues and yeshivas Efrat Weiss   

News 1 September, 2005:  

01/09/2005 Sharon is unfit to rul, By Israel Harel   

Sep. 1, 2005 Bibi, Landau join forces to topple PM By Gil Hoffman  

Israel Mourns Gush Katif in Downtown Jerusalem Sep 01, '05 / 27 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Only Bare Synagogues and Some Public Buildings Remain Sep 01, '05 / 27 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Egypt, Israel Sign Pact; Egyptian Deployment to Start Sunday Sep 01, '05 / 27 Av 5765  

01/09/2005 Knesset panel: Gov't decision to raze Gaza synagogues 'mistaken' By Haaretz Service  

Gaza evacuees: Lax IDF security allows looting By Amos Harel and Yair Ettinger  

Hamas: We’ll kidnap soldiers; Mahmoud Zahar says Hamas will puruse 'policy' of kidnappings to see release of Palestinian terrorists from jail, Ali Waked  

Chilling protest at Yad Vashem: Pullout objectors post photographs of 25 homes bearing names of evacuated Gaza, northern West Bank communities at Holocaust museum; Yad Vashem officials: Keep Holocaust out of political debate Shani Mizrachi  

Sep. 1, 2005 Gaza border arrangements deal nearing By Associated Press  

Landau Calls On Government to Restore the Honor of Gush Katif Residents Sep 01, '05 / 27 Av 5765  

Law Committee Opposes Destruction of Gaza Synagogues Sep 01, '05 / 27 Av 5765  

Uncertainty for Gush Katif Schoolchildren Sep 01, '05 / 27 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

News 31 August, 2005:  

Aug. 31, 2005 Close to half of Gush Katif children still not enrolled By Talya Halkin  

Gov't Accused of Lying on Aid to Expulsion Victims Aug 31, '05 / 26 Av 5765   

Aug. 31, 2005 A road map for the Right By Michael Freund  

Knesset Majority Expected to Amend Camp David Treaty Aug 31, '05 / 26 Av 5765  

News 30 August, 2005:  

30/08/2005 What is Sharon up to? By Moshe Arens   

Tel Aviv Tent City May Move, Knesset Tent City Established Aug 30, '05 / 25 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

IDF jails officer for 21 days over refusal By Haaretz Staff   

Exiled by Their Brethren: An Interesting Source by Dr. Yacov M. Tabak Aug 30, '05 / 25 Av 5765  

Aug. 30, 2005 Sela logistics under state scrutiny By Tova Lazaroff   

Anti-Expulsion Leaders Calling For Yesha Council´s Resignation Aug 30, '05 / 25 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

News 29 August, 2005:  

Katrina -- The Fist of G'd? By Stan Goodenough, August 29, 2005   

The left’s hallucinations: Celebrations of pullout won't hide the fact that the left is out of touch with reality Shaul Rosenfeld   

Aug. 29, 2005 PM: 'Not all West Bank settlements will remain' By Staff  

Gush Katif Residents Seek to Contribute Aug 29, '05 / 24 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

State asks Court to remove ban on razing of Gaza synagogues By Yuval Yoaz, Amos Harel and Gideon Alon, Haaretz Correspondents and Haaretz Staff  

The Next Expulsion: 15 Families From Hevron Aug 29, '05 / 24 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

FM Shalom Hints at Future Pullouts if Relative Quiet Endures Aug 29, '05 / 24 Av 5765  


News 28 August, 2005:  

New Effort Needed to Bolster Remaining Towns in N. Samaria Aug 28, '05 / 23 Av 5765 By Scott Shiloh  


Gush Katif to be erased from maps: Now that Gush Katif belongs to the history books, government offices are producing new maps – sans Gaza By David Regev  

28/08/2005 Ex-Gaza settlers to relocate from TA train station to Jerusalem area By Roni Singer, Haaretz Correspondent  

EU Envoy Otte: Withdrawal is the Model for Jerusalem Aug 28, '05 / 23 Av 5765 By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz   

Kedumim Mayor Daniella Weiss Calls Upon Yesha Council to Resign Aug 28, '05 / 23 Av 5765  

Shomron Municipality: Widespread Looting of Private Property in Northern Samaria Aug 28, '05 / 23 Av 5765  

Rabbis and Engineers to Visit Gush Katif Synagogues Aug 28, '05 / 23 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Aug. 28, 2005 Injunction delays dismantling of Gaza synagogues By Staff   

High School Seniors to Demonstrate For Jewish Refugee Students Aug 28, '05 / 23 Av 5765  

The battle for Gush Katif was lost, but not the war By Nadav Shragai  

Aug. 28, 2005 Keep Gush Katif communities intact By Carmi Wisemon  

News 26-27 August, 2005:  

Aug. 27, 2005 Evicted Neveh Dekalim families still living on a prayer By Tamar Wisemon  

Jewish World Review August 26, 2005 / 21 Menachem-Av, 5765 The Stakes After Gaza By Charles Krauthammer  

Hamas: Israel humiliated by pullout:
Mohammed Deif, master bomb-maker believed to be behind a string of suicide bombings that have killed hundreds of Israelis, says, ‘We should keep the arms of resistance raised side by side with the political work’; urges Hamas, Palestinian Authority to ‘choose dialogue to resolve any differences in order to preserve Palestinian blood and our national achievements’ News agencies

The people's army? IDF's dignity took a beating during disengagement 08/27/05 Ofer Shelah  

Dr. Uzi Arad: Disengagement Whetted World´s Appetite Aug 26, '05 / 21 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Gush Katif Rabbi: Forbidden to Destroy Cemetary and Synagogues Aug 26, '05 / 21 Av 5765 By Yechiel Spira  

News 25 August, 2005:  

Aug. 25, 2005 6:45 Column One: The end of mythology By Caroline Glick   

August 25, 2005 The Times: Israel's wandering Jews out in the cold From Stephen Farrell in Netivot and Marina McIntyre in Jerusalem   

Eviction Through Negligence by David Bedein  

Aug. 25, 2005 A religious opportunity By Rabbi Berel Wein   

Sharon's End Game by David A. Miller Aug 25, '05 / 20 Av 5765   

Plans for the Gaza Strip by Arlene Kushner Aug 25, '05 / 20 Av 5765   

A Gush Katif Photographic Retrospective Aug 25, '05 / 20 Av 5765 By Yishai Fleisher and Ezra HaLevi  

No us and no them: There's no way to divide Israelis into us and them, we are all 'us' and 'them', Naomi Ragen  

Police Charged With Evidence-Tampering Aug 25, '05 / 20 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Tel Avivians get 'eviction notices': Residents of trendy north Tel Aviv receive 'eviction notices' similar to those distributed in Gaza last week Miri Chason   

Ukrainian Chief Rabbi Warns Against Destruction of Synagogues Aug 25, '05 / 20 Av 5765  

Gush Katif Lawyers Rebuff Gov't Claims Aug 25, '05 / 20 Av 5765   

The eternal people fears a long road By Israel Harel Haaretz 25/8/05   

FROM WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAU: New homes for Gaza Jews: Tents in Tel Aviv Refugees camp out near highway to protest 'government incompetence' August 25, 2005 By Aaron Klein © 2005  

Aug. 25, 2005 Kassam rockets land between Sderot, Kibbutz Nir Am By Margot Dudkevitch   

Two Kassam Rockets Fired Into Western Negev Aug 25, '05 / 20 Av 5765  

Sderot Rocket Attack Update Aug 25, '05 / 20 Av 5765  

The future is orange: We returned to Israel and Jerusalem. We will return, too, to Gush Katif By Rabbi Shlomo Aviner  

Who's the big winner? Rocket attacks will determine Prime Minister Sharon's popularity By Attila Somfalvi  

Aug. 25, 2005 Palestinians: Israel poisoned Gaza land By Khaled Abu Toameh  

News 24 August, 2005:  

Feiglin: Circumstances Are Ripe For New Jewish Leadership Aug 24, '05 / 19 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

MK Eitam: We Erred Agreeing to Cooperate With Shinui Wednesday, August 24, 2005 / 19 Av 5765  

Tel Aviv shuns evacuees: Inspectors tell Gaza settlers to dismantle 'tent city' set up near Tel Aviv train station; earlier, residents of evacuated settlement of Netzer Hazani rejected several housing solutions, chose to protest in big city By Avi Cohen  

Expulsion Notices in Northern Tel Aviv Aug 24, '05 / 19 Av 5765   

Aug. 24, 2005 Sharon rebuffs charges that gov't is mishandling evacuees By Herb Keinon and JPost Staff   

Supreme Court: Gaza Synagogues to be Destroyed Aug 24, '05 / 19 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Criminal Record in Kfar Darom Protest Expunged for Minors Aug 24, '05 / 19 Av 5765  

International Media Disappointed With Disengagement Aug 24, '05 / 19 Av 5765  

News 23 August, 2005:  

Palestinian Authority May be Resuming Activity in Jerusalem Aug 23, '05 / 18 Av 5765 By Scott Shiloh  

Aug. 24, 2005 1,000 Gaza families 'left with no place to go' By Dan Izenberg  

The Last Family in N'vei Dekalim Aug 23, '05 / 18 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Wire Services Slideshow on Expulsion.  

To Die or to Conquer the Hill by: Moshe Feiglin Av 5765 (Aug 05)  

So, What Do We Do Now? by: Shmuel Sackett International Director, Manhigut Yehudit Av 5765 (August, 05)  

Civil Blitzkrieg in Gaza by Ellen W. Horowitz Aug 23, '05 / 18 Av 5765   

With their heads held high, By Michael Freund   

Aug. 23, 2005 Netzer Hazani reaches relocation deal By Talyah Halkin  

Aug. 23, 2005 The 5 steps until withdrawal is complete  

Aug. 23, 2005 Report: Israel, Egypt finalize Philadelphi route deal By JPost Staff and AP  

Aug. 23, 2005 All but 2 Gaza synagogues to be razed By Dan Izenberg  

MK Ze’ev: Kfar Darom Detainees Should be Pardoned Aug 23, '05 / 18 Av 5765 By Scott Shiloh  

We Can Not Turn Our Backs by Rabbi Zev M. Shandalov Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

Why Did It Happen? by Moshe Lerman Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

23/08/2005 Troops raid synagogue in Sa-Nur, remove youths By Amos Harel and Eli Ashkenazi, Haaretz Correspondents, Haaretz Service and Agencies  

Father of Homesh Terror Victim: Don't Expel My Son's Orphans! Aug 23, '05 / 18 Av 5765  

Aug. 23, 2005 Homesh resisters taken from homesBy Yaakov Katz and Margot Dudkevitch  

Aug. 23, 2005 Exclusive: "Illegal" settlements are next By Herb Keinon  

Aug. 23, 2005 Evacuees build tent camp in Tel Aviv By Talya Halkin  

Aug. 23, 2005 IDF, police forces enter Homesh, Sa-Nur By Matthew Gutman, Yaakov Katz and Margot Dudkevitch   

Aug. 23, 2005 Last 3 families choose their own ways to leave By Sheera Claire Frenkel   

Aug. 23, 2005 Analysis: 'The way of Netzarim By Anshel Pfeffer  

The Story of Roz and Paul Schneid - Part II - Homeless and Wandering by Naomi Ragen  

The Unbearable Ease of Destruction by Asher Ragen   

Betrayal of Historic Dimensions by Asher Zelig Fried Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

News 22 August, 2005:  

Aug. 22, 2005 Dazed evacuees face uncertain future By Etgar Lefkovits  

Six winners of the disengagement: Why, and how much, will real estate company Mehadrin profit from the disengagement, and how is the company connected to disengagement chief Yonatan Bassi? How will the pullout help Bank Discount recover losses from bad real estate investments? First in a series By Ofer Petersburg  

Northern Samaria: Our Struggle Will Not be ´Diaspora Style´ Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765 By Samaria Correspondent Ezra HaLevi  

Hevron Jews Fight Multiple Expulsions Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi
As they continue to combat the Disengagement Plan, the Jewish community in Hevron fears they will be the next target for expulsion.


Army Renegs on Promise to Let in Volunteers to Help GK Families Pack Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

MK Eitam: Our Political Revenge is to Send Sharon to the Mukata of his Farm Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

MK Yishai to Lapid: Why Isn’t Your Voice Heard when Human Rights are Trampled? Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

Volunteers to Begin Dismantling Farm Equipment Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

Activists Block Roads to Protest Expulsion Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765  

Gaza to Fall Under Gaza Division Command Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

IDF Commander: Samarian Disengagement Will Be Less Difficult Than Predicted Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

Aug. 22, 2005 Bulldozers raze Gaza homes By JPost Staff and AP  

Settlers complain of relocation problems: Say Disengagement Authority to blame for lack of accomodations following evacuation; senior IDF officer tells Ynet, 'the critical mistake was that the IDF was not given the responsibility of taking care of the settlers from the evacuation through the temporary solution. The Disengagement Authority assigned heartless, brainless people who are chasing their tails. Inadequate planning causes the evacuees further trauma' By Ilan Marciano Anat Barshkovsky  

MK Porush: Investigate Gov’t’s Failure to Help Refugees Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765 By Scott Shiloh  

Feature: Sabbath in Kedumim - The Calm Before the Storm Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765By Samaria Correspondent Ezra HaLevi, in Kedumim  

Hamas Proclaims Victory, Promises to Destroy Israel Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765  

Company Profiting from Expulsion Pays Bassi Big Bonus Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765 By Scott Shiloh
While Expulsion Administration head Yonatan Bassi expells Jews, his company, Mehadrin, is profiting by selling land to the state in order to resettle them. Mehadrin then pays Bassi a cash bonus.

150,000 NIS – Bassi’s Expulsion Bonus Aug 22, '05 / 17 Av 5765  

Aug. 22, 2005 Tears and red tape  

News 21 August, 2005:  

Shirat HaYam Residents Return Home, Blockade Themselves in Houses Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765  

Honenu Lawyers Warn Anyone Repeating Debunked Kfar Darom "Acid" Claim to Face Lawsuit Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765  

Aug. 21, 2005 Atzmona residents to leave after Mincha By Margot Dudkevitch and JPost Staff   

Aug. 21, 2005 Evacuation forces at work in Moshav Katif By Yaakov Katz and Margot Dudkevitch   

Residents of Katif Town Expelled For 2nd Time in Five Days Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

N'vei Dekalim: Paradise Turned to Hell Aug 21, '05 / 16 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Aug. 21, 2005 Sa-Nur residents to turn over firearms By David Rudge   

News 19 August, 2005:  

Katyusha Hits Eilat; US Base in Jordan Attacked Aug 19, '05 / 14 Av 5765 By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz  

IDF buses Gaza infiltrators out of settlements By Yuval Yoaz   

Gaza evacuations could be finished by Tuesday By Margot Dudkevitch   

Aug. 19, 2005 Report: Paint thinner, not acid, spilled on troops By Staff  

Disengagement Prisoners Not Cooperating Aug 19, '05 / 14 Av 5765   

Youths Barricaded in Homes in Gadid Aug 19, '05 / 14 Av 5765 By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz  

Kfar Darom Prisoners Subjected to Harsh Conditions Aug 19, '05 / 14 Av 5765   

Israeli Riot Police Storm Gaza Synagogues By Ramit Plushnick-Masti, Associated Press Writer  

12 historic hours in Gaza: Police, settlers, and soldiers give their perspectives on the pullout. By Ilene R. Prusher | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor   

19/08/2005 STATUS: Disengagement - Day Four Diary   

Shooting, Mortar Shell Attacks on Gush Katif Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

Expulsion Victims Plan Refugee Camp Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

News 18 August, 2005:  

Aug. 18, 2005 As pullout nears end, house demolitions begin By Herb Keinon  

Aug. 18, 2005 Pullout causing psychological trauma By David Rudge   

Aug. 18, 2005 77 injured in Kfar Darom clash, evacuation completed By Matthew Gutman, Arieh O'Sullivan AND JPost Staff   

Aug. 18, 2005 Pullout progress: Thursday summary By JPost.Com Staff   

Rice Assures PA: More to Come Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

Aug. 18, 2005 Rice: Israel must take more steps By Herb Keinon   

Aug. 18, 2005 Netzer Hazani evacuated, By Staff   

Aug. 18, 2005 Gush Katif capital emptying out, By Yaakov Katz, Tova Lazaroff and JPost Staff Neve Dekalim  

Aug. 18, 2005 Shirat Hayam evacuation completed By Margot Dudkevitch and Amir Mizroch  

Aug. 18, 2005 Radical stronghold crumbles By Sheera Claire Frenkel and JPost Staff Kfar Yam  

Aug. 18, 2005 Hothouses set on fire in Netzer Hazani By JPost Staff  

Aug. 18, 2005 Kfar Yam: Police attempt to negotiate with Yitzhaki By Sheera Claire Frenkel  

Torat HaChaim Yeshiva in N´vei Dekalim: Expelled Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Moshe Arens Calls Disengagement “a Tragedy” in INR Interview Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765 By Scott Shiloh  

Point of View / Actively agile Arik By Amir Oren   

FM: Israel's next step will be based on Gaza pullout results. Shalom tells Kuwaiti daily no topics off-limits in future negotiations. By The Associated Press 18/08/2005  

Strongholds face evacuation By Ynet reporters  

Aug. 18, 2005 Shirat Hayam: Troops begin forced evacuations By Margot Dudkevitch and Amir Mizroch  

Aug. 18, 2005 Kfar Darom: Maj.-Gen.'s son refuses to evacuate By Associated Press Shirat HaYam, Gaza Strip  

Siege on Shirat HaYam Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

Aug. 18, 2005 Kerem Atzmona houses to be first to be destroyed By Staff  

18/08/2005 Troops forcibly removing Kfar Darom residents from homes By Amos Harel, Nir Hasson, Nadav Shragai, Yuval Yoaz and Agencies   

Aug. 18, 2005 Door-to-door evictions in Kfar Darom By Matthew Gutman and JPost Staff  

Oil Spilled on Synagogue Steps in N’vei Dekalim Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

Bar-Lev: Time Has Run Out – Synagogue Residents Will Not Leave Voluntarily Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765  

Army´s Ultimatum to Thousands in N. Dekalim Synagogue Compound Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Shomron Residents Preventing Establishment of Disengagement Checkpoint Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765  

Efforts Continue to Close Gavim Junction Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

Aug. 17, 2005 Jewish Gaza will be rebuilt By Michael Freund   

Aug. 17, 2005 State and system gone mad By Ellen W. Horowitz   

The Last Days of Gush Katif: A personal diary, by Toby Klein Greenwald   

Aug. 18, 2005 638 arrested since start of evacuation Monday By Staff  

Aug. 18, 2005 Hundreds barricaded in Kfar Darom synagogue By Matthew Gutman, Yaakov Katz and Jerusalem Post Staff   

Aug. 18, 2005 Exhausted settlers arrive in Ashkelon By Hilary Leila Krieger   

Water Supply to Kfar Darom Shut Off Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

Chomesh Evictee Denied Treatment by Mofaz Suffers Heart Attack David Bedein  

Israeli Intelligence Estimate: War With Palestinians in 2006 Middle East News Line Investigation  

A willing evacuation: The government has power and the right to use it. But it doesn’t have the right have the right to erase opposition By Hami Avneri   

Analysis: A day of victory for the soldiers and police in Gush Katif By Amos Harel, Haaretz Correspondent  

Aug. 18, 2005 Hesder must go By Yosef Goell   

Aug. 18, 2005 Supporters greet settlers at J'lem hotel, By Jason Silberman   

Aug. 18, 2005 Roed-Larsen: Pullout could be "tipping point" By Associated Press United Nations  

Larsen Praises Sharon’s Courage Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

Jubilant Terrorist Groups Celebrate Israeli Retreat Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Thousands of Troops Entering Kfar Darom Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

18/08/2005 IDF marches into hardline settlement of Kfar Darom By Amos Harel, Nir Hasson, Nadav Shragai, Yuval Yoaz and Agencies   

Protestors Block Karni Checkpoint Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765   

Police Report 1,500 Stopped from Arriving at Kisufim Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765   

News 17 August, 2005:  

Many Expulsion Victims Feel Lost Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765   


17/08/2005 Ganei Tal evacuated; police head for Kfar Darom By Yoav Stern and Nadav Shragai, Haaretz Correspondents, and Agencies   

Israeli Soldiers Clear Out Gaza Strip AP Neve Dekalim, Gaza Strip   

BS"D Captains' Log: Last Entry   

Aug. 17, 2005 Five Gaza settlements evacuated By Jerusalem Post Staff, Gaza   

Photo Essay: JEWS EXPEL JEWS Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi, Gush Katif  

Aug. 17, 2005 Synagogue standoff continues By Arieh O'Sullivan, Margot Dudkevitch, and Tova Lazaroff Neveh Dekalim, Gaza Strip  

Aug. 17, 2005 Police chief: Morag evacuated By Yaakov Katz Morag, Gaza Strip  

The Chillul Hashem of Expulsion begins despite Mesirut Nefesh of many; Most others complacent:  

Aug. 17, 2005 Troops make way into Kerem Atzmona By Sheera Claire Frenkel and Margot Dudkevitch Atzmona  

Clashes, tears in Neve Dekalim  

Aug. 17, 2005 Neveh Dekalim: Homes slowly emptying By Arieh O'Sullivan, Margot Dudkevitch, and Tova Lazaroff Neveh Dekalim, Gaza Strip  

Expulsion: Facts and Numbers Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Demolition of N´vei Dekalim Has Begun Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Zionism 2005 by Elyakim Haetzni Aug 16, '05 / 11 Av 5765   

Aug. 17, 2005 Neveh Dekalim: Police begin arrests By Arieh O'Sullivan and Tova Lazaroff Neveh Dekalim, Gaza Strip   

Aug. 17, 2005 Morag: Kindergarten surrounded By Margot Dudkevitch and Yaakov Katz  

Aug. 17, 2005 Elei Sinai: 61 families change minds By Amir Mizroch  

Aug. 17, 2005 Little resistance in Ganei Tal By Matthew Guttman  

Practical Steps On How To Protest The Disengagement Aug 16, '05 / 11 Av 5765 By Susie Dym  

Netzer Hazani Plans to Move to Western Wall Aug 17, '05 / 12 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel   <

News 16 August, 2005:  

Rabbis Meet With PM Sharon By Hillel Fendel Tuesday, August 16, 2005 / 11 Av 5765  

Thousands Continue Trying to Reach Gush Katif Aug 16, '05 / 11 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Practical Steps On How To Protest The Disengagement Aug 16, '05 / 11 Av 5765 By Susie Dym  

Aug. 16, 2005 Yesha council leaders detained at Be'eri checkpoint By Matthew Guttman and Yaakov Katz  

Report: N´vei Dekalim May be First to be Destroyed Aug 16, '05 / 11 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Joint Struggle C'tee Calls on Public to Take to the Streets at 7 PM Aug 16, '05 /11 Av 5765  

Police Brutally Evict and Strand Youths, Including a Resident Aug 16, '05 / 11 Av 5765  

Forced Expulsion to Begin on Wednesday Morning Aug 16, '05 / 11 Av 5765   

Aug. 16, 2005 Police push into Neveh Dekalim, remove gate By Associated Press, Neve Dekalim  

Aug. 16, 2005 Last thing anyone expected: Boredom By Sam Ser   

12 Gaza Communities Served With Eviction Notices Aug 16, '05 / 11 Av 5765   

News 15 August, 2005:  

Anti-Disengagement Children's Prayers Organized Around the Country Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765  

Photo Essay - Expulsion Forces in Neve Dekalim Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765   

Hamas: Disengagement is Proof That Zionism Can Be Defeated Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765  

Internet Forums: Secret Officers´ Letter Warns of Mass Refusal Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765  

Terrorists Open Fire Near N'vei Dekalim Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765   

Difficult Scenes in N´vei Dekalim Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

Zionist Rabbis to PM Sharon: We Won't Forget or Forgive Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765  

MK Ariel: Gov’t Can’t Steal the Country from its People Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765  

Report from Homesh, Gan-Or/Gadid, and Ganei Tal Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

Many Residents Refuse to Give Up Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

9PM Jerusalem/2PM Eastern - Israel Independent Radio Israel's Most Painful Moment: The Disengagement Begins    Gush Katif residents break down crying as soldiers come to deliver eviction orders. How will this week's events affect the future of the State of Israel?  

15/08/2005 Anti-pullout activists phone police to beg refusal By Roni Singer, Haaretz Correspondent  

Aug. 15, 2005 Settlers urged to lock the gates By Tovah Lazaroff   

Tires of Four Jeeps Cut – Soldiers Blocked from Entering N’vei Dekalim Aug 15, '05 / 10 Av 5765  

Aug. 15, 2005 IDF ready to evacuate Ganim, Kadim By David Rudge   

News 14 August, 2005:  

Aug. 14, 2005 HCJ: IDF can carry out evacuations By Dan Izenberg   

The True Test of the IDF's Strength by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765  

14/08/2005 Gaza settler establishes 'Jewish Authority' in the Strip By David Ratner, Haaretz Correspondent   

Visiting Yad VaShem Before Disengagement by Nachum Kligman Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765   

MK Eldad: Provocation to be Expected Around Temple Mount Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765   

Rabbi Aviner to Expulsion Soldiers: You Won´t Forgive Yourselves Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Gush Katif residents won't go quietly: IDF prepares 'soft face' of withdrawal, officer to politely knock on door to serve eviction notice; settlers to launch effort to thwart operation By Efrat Weiss  

Fence Between Gadid and N'vei Dekalim Demolished Overnight Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765  

Aug. 14, 2005 And still, a sense of possibility, By Matthew Gutman Neve Dekalim  

Aug. 14, 2005 From midnight, Gaza off-limits to Israelis By Margot Dudkevitch amd Yaakov Katz  

42,000 troops deployed in six `rings' to carry out pullout By Amos Harel   

Cabinet Expected to Approve Additional Expulsions Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765   

Exclusive: Electricity and Water Cut in Gush Katif Towns Aug 14, '05 / 9 Av 5765  

Deep Concern Over Sharon Aide Weisglass Saying 60,000 Jews Will Be Uprooted From Judea & Samaria Contradicting Israeli Ambassador Ayalon: ZOA Release  

News 11-12 August, 2005:  

Just the beginning by Jonathan Rosenblum Mishpacha Magazine August 11, 2005  

Media Barred From Expulsion Victims’ Homes Aug 12, '05 / 7 Av 5765 By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu  

Police to set up roadblocks in south  

Pro-Israel Evangelicals may try to block US aid By Herb Keinon   

Crowd-dispersal tactic arrives in Gaza: Security forces may use non-violent device to disperse settler demonstrations during next week's pullout; device emits burst of high frequency sound painful to the ears By Ilan Marciano   

Legal Rights Director's Wife Arrested Aug 12, '05 / 7 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel   

Mother of nine incarcerated until conclusion of proceedings against her. View the Pictures:   

Aug. 11, 2005 Yesha Council launches Operation 'Orange Dawn' By Staff   

Tel Aviv Rally Ends, Peace Now Warns of Bloodshed Aug 11, '05 / 6 Av 5765   

Anti-Expulsion Rally Shakes Tel Aviv Aug 11, '05 / 6 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi, in Tel Aviv  

7 Soldiers Questioned by Military Police Thursday, August 11, 2005 / 6 Av 5765   

Aug. 11, 2005 IDF closes Gaza to visitors after failure to stop infiltrators By Associated Press  

Residents Preparing For The Struggle Aug 11, '05 / 6 Av 5765 By Gush Katif Correspondents Yishai and Malkah Fleisher   

Pullout Practice Halted Due to Police Violence Aug 11, '05 / 6 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

News 10 August, 2005:  

Mass Prayer Rally Against Expulsion Fills Jerusalem's Old City Aug 10, '05 / 5 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi  

Chabad News; Hundreds of Thousands attend the Largest Atzeret Teffila and More pictures from the Kotel and from the AtzeretTefilla....   

Mateh Article (in Iv'rit) and amazing pictures from the Kotel and from the Old City of Jerusalem   

Aug. 10, 2005 Tens of thousands attend Kotel prayer vigil By Etgar Lefkovits   

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 Follow Up: Police beat Katif Spokeswoman Debbi Rosen Aaron Lerner, IMRA  

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 Israeli Police Beat Up Katif Spokeswoman at Check Point by David Bedein  

Couple Arrested, Children Remain Alone Aug 10, '05 / 5 Av 5765 By Hillel Fendel  

Aug. 10, 2005 Olmert: Gaza not trade-off for W. Bank By Etgar Lefkovits  

Mass Prayer Against Expulsion at Foot of Holy Temple Mount Aug 09, '05 / 4 Av 5765 By Ezra HaLevi   

Israel Independent Radio - Jerusalem-based multimedia broadcast and distribution network  

Jerusalem Newswire

Jewish Radio Online Barry Reisman Radio Show Archives:

True Peace's Project for Victims of Terror
and their familes


NEW SEFER TORAH FOR GUSH KATIF (email received dated 26 July, 2005)  

With God's Help, a new Torah scroll was dedicated in a Gush Katif community on the 14th of Av. This is the same Torah that led the way into Kfar Maimon. The soldiers saw the Torah being carried toward them and broke their blockade to make way for the Torah. This same Torah will make its way right to Gush Katif. The Torah costs over $30,000 and already letters are being sold. We are far from the necessary funds to complete the acquisition. Whoever is interested in buying letters of the scroll please contact Rav Shai Gefen: 052-5218730 and a certificate will be sent to your home. Only 10 shekels per letter. (Please note that The Sefer Torah Recycling Network had no part in placement of this Sefer, but we are trying to help through publicity.)

Looking for volunteers to help sell letters: e-mail:  

Justice for Jonathan Pollard

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Honenu,  Grant Us...  (currently a Hebrew-only site) raises funds to provide aid to soldiers and civilians who have not only become victims of the Oslo War and continuing Arab terror, but who have become victimized by their own government as well.

The police and the "justice system" have entangled many soldiers and civilians in a web of legal difficulties necessitating costly personal defense litigation arising from their acting in their own self-defense in situations where but a split-second's hesitation; a thought about "rules of engagement" would render them dead or seriously injured. The Honenu Organization is a form of Pidyon Sh'vu'im providing aid for fellow Jews incarcerated and tried by the "justice system" of Israel. Your donations will be accomplishing a great Mitzvah.
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