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Chasdei Shimrit Community Center


Chasdei Shimrit Community Center
Neve Dekalim - Gush Katif



Shimrit Bonfeld

It is with great pleasure, and with thanks to Hashem, that we announce that a local group from Beit Shemesh has donated funds to cover the acquisition and restoration costs of a Sefer Torah for the newly completed Chasdei Shimrit Community Center in Neve Dekalim. This Community Center, built by David Bonfeld in memory of his daughter Shimrit who was niftar from a rare blood disease several years ago, will serve as a multi-purpose learning center with regular weekday and Shabbos davening as well as providing regular daily shiurim for the community.

On Thursday, 3 March, 2005, the Sefer Torah was transferred to David Bonfeld, the Community Center's founder at a short meeting at Mishemeret Kedusha in Ge'ula in Jerusalem. A Gala Hachnasat Sefer Torah Celebration (report below) took place in Neve Dekalim, in Gush Katif on Shushan Purim (27 March, 2005).

Sefer Torah Dedicated in Neve Dekalim

Click here for the Chasdei Shimrit Community Center Hachnasat Sefer Torah Photo Album:

On Shushan Purim, a Hachnasat Sefer Torah celebration was held in Neve Dekalim dedicating a Sefer Torah donated by four Beit Shemesh residents and one American and facilitated by Moshe Burt's Sefer Torah Recycling Network.

The four Beit Shemesh donors and one American donor saw to costs of acquisition and repair for placement in the Chasdei Shimrit Community Center, Neve Dekalim. Sincerest appreciation and thanks, along with the immense appreciation of our brethren in Gush Katif, go to the donors have expressed the wish to remain anonymous. Kol HaKavod and Tizke L'Mitzvot to all of you!!

Three busloads of Beit Shemesh residents came to join brethren from Gush Katif for a Gala celebration featuring dancing the Sefer from the S'fardi Shul, down the main street of Neve Dekalim to the Community Center. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and the dancing was spirited and intensely spiritual.

The Sefer was dedicated with a meal and speeches by Gush Katif Chief Rabbi, Rav Yigal Kaminetsky, as well as other local Rabbanim, MK Tzvi Hendel and one of the donors. Especially poignant were the words of MK Hendel who spoke about Emunah and and the obvious Nasim which occur daily in Eretz Yisrael.

Following the Hachnasat Sefer Torah, Rachel Saperstein expressed her thoughts in this article posted to the website;
NO REFERENDUM - by Rachel Saperstein

A D'var Torah on Parsha Vayakhel has been penned by Moshe Burt commemorating the transfer of the Sefer Torah to the Chasdei Shimrit Community Center.

Vayakhel -- Unity and the Assembly of Israel

Mr. Bonfeld is the Postmaster for the Gush Katif post office in Neve Dekalim and a very kind, soft-spoken person. Over the years, the Neve Dekalim community noticed numerous young men, relatives of religious people in Neve Dekalim, not wearing Kippot, seemingly "off the derech" and otherwise "hanging out." Bonfeld, with his high visibility and recognition throughout Gush Katif, is determined to reach out to touch the "pintele yid" and to bring these young people back to their Jewish roots and heritage.

Please read the D'var Torah dedicated to this event, Purim, Tzav Shemoneh and a Sefer Torah as well as the Israel National News website report Jews Continue to Move to, and Celebrate in, Gaza and the Israel National TV report prior to the celebration, on 24 March, 2005 via this link.

Please read the linked article below for more background on the Chasdei Shimrit Community Center and about Neve Dekalim.

Shabbos In Neve Dekalim: A Little Bit of Everything





Hachnasat Sefer Torah in Gush Katif
By Ruchi Bromberg

We are part of a wedding that is such a delight,
It's starting in the day and ending at night.

There will be singing and dancing, ferver and zest,
we are lucky to be here, we really are blessed.
As the sun will set slowly, and the moon will shine bright,
There'll be something special in the air tonight.

The Chatan looks so beautiful, he's here in full view,
we are proud to be connected, to be a Jew.
What is his background, where is he from,
Who brought him here? How did he come?

No one this evening knows much of his past,
it all kind of seemed to happen so fast.
But one does wonder where has he been,
what kind of place was he living in?

We started to think that maybe he was lost,
and he had survived through the Holocaust.
Imagine how frightened and cold and scared,
and not to find anyone enough who cared.

Or maybe he was part of a big dynasty,
and didn't want to reveal his true identity.
Maybe he was always important and a very high rank,
and did not know who exactly to thank.

Maybe he was running away, or angered or hurt,
Or maybe forgotten and hidden in the dirt.
So many things could have happened it was all so unknown,
But it was so special to Israel he had flown.

Yes it is quite like a wedding, while the women all glance,
As all of the men gather around the Torah to dance.
The beautiful silver in which the Torah covered,
Came back to its home where it was rediscovered.

The Torah is the Chatan and Hashem is his bride,
And all of Am Yisrael dancing right by their side.
It does not matter dati, chiloni, left or right,
We are all connected as one AM on this special night.

The Hachnasat Sefer Torah in Gush Katif,
Will hopefully never experience grief.
It is now safely in it's place, never again will it roam,
In Eretz Yisrael we welcome it HOME!!

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