Letter to President Trump

Dear President Trump;

I am writing to you from Israel, where I have lived for the past 18 years, as one who voted for you via absentee ballot from Philadelphia, PA. Please understand that my prayers are with you, as well as with the current government here.

I am writing to you, Mr. President, regarding your response to the question posed to you by the young reporter who is an observant Jew and who represents Ami magazine (if I heard correctly).

In my humble opinion, you misunderstood this young man’s motivation regarding his question. In fact, I’d bet my last NIS (shekel) that this young man and his family voted for you. I have no doubt that this reporter meant no slur against you and meant only good and kindness in asking his question regarding what government actions are planned to be taken against antisemitic threats on institutions through the US where Jews frequent — Synagogues, community centers, etc.  [...]  Click here to read more.