Gush Katif Connection With Beit Shemesh Elections


I’m going to speak in the 1st person here.

Aside from the dirty tricks and “stinking manuevers” which marked the campaigns of 2 of the 3 Mayoralty candidates in Beit Shemesh; what irks me is that there seems a definite connection, like links in a chain, between the winning candidate, the parties who backed him, the lengths to which they went to bring about his election (with the possible resultant exclusivity partition of Beit Shemesh/Ramat Beit Shemesh) and what the religious parties, ALL of them — including Mafdal (on a national level) — an across-the-board indictment — regarding what none of them bothered to do to save their Jewish brethren formerly from Gush Katif. [...]  Click here to read more.

Election Postscript: Shas Chareidi Mayor for Beit Shemesh


Official Final Numbers, as sent from Shalom Lerner Campaign Headquarters;

For Mayor;

Abutbol – 46.7
Lerner – 28.4
Vaknin – 24.9

For City Council:

UTJ – 5
B’Yachad – 3
Shas – 3
Dor Acher (Balayish) – 2
Likud – 2
Mishpacha Acat (Russians) – 2
Labor – 1
Tov – 1
Chen – 0

Shas Chareidi candidate Moshe Abutbul has apparently been swept into office as Mayor of Beit Shemesh garnering 52% of the vote to B’yachad’s Shalom Lerner with 30% and incumbent Mayor Danny Vaknin a distant 3rd with 17.7% of the vote in a campaign which degenerated into a host of dirty tricks and “stinking manuevers”, mostly by coordinated by one candidate’s campaign, in the final 72 hours before the vote and in which there were a slew of voting irregularities (i.e. torn or non-existent Shalom Lerner ballot slips at certain voting stations) on election day. [...]  Click here to read more.

The Test of Mettle: The Beit Shemesh Response in a National Crisis


David Morris, the esteemed founder and Chairman of Lema’an Achai which assists families in need and enables them to get back on their feet and to achieve financial and social independence, wrote the email below making several very important points in support of Shalom Lerner who was one of the chief architects of the Beit Shemesh response in helping populations in the North during the massive Hezbollah Katyusha bombardments of the Lebanon conflict of the summer of 2006.

What Morris describes below seems indicative of the love, caring and sensitivity which Shalom Lerner will bring to Beit Shemesh once elected mayor. MB [...]  Click here to read more.

Beit Shemesh: Revolution of Inclusiveness or of Exclusion to Most?


With 30 hours to go to national municipal elections in Israel, Beit Shemesh held a Mayoralty debate on Sunday night in the Simcha Hall of Beit Knesset Beit Tefillah Yona Avraham between the two main candidates, Shalom Lerner of B’Yachad and the Shas/Gimmel candidate Moshe Abutbul. The debate was extremely well organized despite having been chiselled together at the last minute.

The debate came on the heels of a controversial 14 page glossy promo piece by Abutbul’s campaign which was distributed by their campaign activists (ostensibly frum) during mid-afternoon on Friday afternoon, Erev Shabbos while most other observant Jews were cleaning, cooking and preparing for Shabbos.  [...]  Click here to read more.

Beit Shemesh Municipal Elections: Compelling Reasons to Vote Shalom Lerner


On Wednesday, I received an email from neighbors Yissachar and Riki Fried, easily the paradigm, most compelling piece I’ve seen regarding the upcoming Beit Shemesh Municipal Elections on 11 November.

And so, I am sharing it with list subscribers, be they living in Beit Shemesh, throughout Israel, new olim or those planning Aliyah. It speaks volumes about the candidate and about the kind of Beit Shemesh that we all hope for. MB


Why We’re Voting for Shalom Lerner

(Or, Why Every RBSA Anglo Chareidi Should Vote for Shalom Lerner) [...]  Click here to read more.

Beit Shemesh Municipal Elections: Part 2


City Council

There are eight parties running lists for City Council in the upcoming elections;

Likud, Shas, UTJ, Tov, Chen, B’Yachad, Dor Acheir, Labor.

There is anglo representation with whom I am acquainted running on lists in 3 of the parties.

  • B’Yachad — Shalom Lerner, although running for Mayor, is listed as #1 on the list and David Morris is slotted at #5.
  • Chen — Zvi Wolicki is #1 on the list as is Ephrayim Naiman who is neatly slotted at #2.
  • (Y’Hi’Yeh) Tov — Ari Rosenstein who I believe is 7th on the list.

In this author’s humble opinion, the parties to vote for are either B’Yachad or Chen and here’s why;

My understanding is that the Mayor also holds a seat on city council. A vote for B’Yachad insures that Shalom Lerner has a strong voice in the running of the city, and the more votes cast for B’Yachad, the better shot that Founder and Amutah Chairman of Lema’an Achai David Morris can bring his business and non-profit experience to bear in helping to run city government efficiently. I do not know the others on the B’Yachad but Shalom tells me that the other slots are manned by individuals with recognized professional backgrounds and disciplines who are well-suited and qualified to be on city council and to head city departments. [...]  Click here to read more.

Beit Shemesh Municipal Elections: Emergence of Revolution in Governance?

As we see Israel beginning on the road to new national elections, it is important to note that these elections will take place sometime in February, 2009, whereas regularly scheduled municipal elections will take place throughout Israel on 11 November.

Municipal elections will choose Mayors and city councils in all of the major localities in Israel.

But nowhere else will these municipal elections impact on governing mindset as in the Beit Shemesh elections where Shalom Lerner and Moshe Abutbul knock heads with incumbent Mayor Dani Vaknin while a host of parties vie for representation on the 19 man Beit Shemesh city council. In this author’s humble opinion, Beit Shemesh faces a unique opportunity to be on the ground floor auguring in an era of governmental morality, efficiency, sensitivity and integrity by setting an example for all of Israel. [...]  Click here to read more.