“Only One Who Fights for His Land, Acquires it, by Virtue of His Love and Dedication”: Singer Yehoram Gaon

Yehoram Gaon Decries War Against Land of Israel Lovers


“Have you noticed that something has gone totally wrong in the Zionist agenda of the People and State of Israel? It’s getting worse and worse, deteriorating to a situation in which a real collision is unavoidable… How many wounded or dead will we have to suffer in order to remove a caravan or two from some desolate hill on which some youths settled to prove their love for the Land of Israel?”

“They call them, justifiably, law-breakers. But… law-breakers are those who fire Lau missiles at their competing gangsters’ homes and kill people along the way, and drug-dealers and pimps. So with all the due respect that you do not give them, at least agree with me that the law-breakers in Amona have a different type of motivation.” [...]  Click here to read more.