Parsha Balak 5771: Historical Parallels — Toleration of Evil in the Camp: Then and Now

by Moshe Burt

Sefer Shem Mishmuel, translated to English by Rabbi Zvi Belovski (page 347), relates that:

While journeying to meet …Balak, with the intention of cursing the …Jewish nation, …Bila’am had difficulties with his donkey. The animal kept stopping [or straying off of the path], frightened by an angel that Bila’am was unable to see. Bila’am lashed out at the animal, and after the third time a miracle occured:

Hashem opened the mouth of the donkey, and it said to Bila’am. “What have I done to you, that you hit me these three times?” (Sefer Bamidbar Perek 22, posuk 28, as cited in the Sefer Shem Mishmuel, page 347)  [...]  Click here to read more.

Parsha Vayeira 5770: Stark Contrasts Between Chessed, the Ways of Sodom and Western Morality

by Moshe Burt

Our Parsha opens with Hashem, as we understand, visiting Avraham Aveinu on the 3rd day after Bris Milah, when Avraham was at the height of his pain following the circumcision, as Rashi indicates, “to inquire about his welfare.” (Metsuda Linear Chumash rendering of Rashi on Perek 18, posuk 1)

It’s not like Hashem needed to pay a visit to ascertain Avraham’s actual condition for, Hashem is the Creator, The Master, The Ruler over the world who knows and is aware of everything. And so we learn and gain insight from this first posuk as to the Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim; showing, caring, giving strength and encouragement to the ill by visiting and caring about them. [...]  Click here to read more.

Guess What: Barak, Not Shimshon Battalion, Politicized IDF!


Many of you may wonder why this blog has been silent for awhile, aside from the weekly Parsha HaShevua.

Frankly, it’s been a case of basically the same recurrent news, day after day. How many times and in how many different ways can one comment on the same news, again and again with only the names and the specific events changing, but essentially remaining the same? This author has been commenting on recurring news for the 4 plus years that this blog has been in existence plus years before. [...]  Click here to read more.

Peace House Eviction: “Shame on us, the Public, for Not Raising… to Prevent it.”


Michael Freund comments on today’s Yassamnik/IDF violent eviction of Jews from their Beit HaShalom homes;

Treachery and Tyranny in Hebron, by Michael Freund (Israel National News)

“The Labor party and Kadima are both sagging in the polls, and fear that parties such as Meretz will steal their thunder and their votes.

It was an act of treachery and tyranny by a caretaker government with no mandate and no moral justification.”

Full Text;

Israel’s government today sent the security forces into Beit Shalom in Hebron and forcibly evicted its residents, despite overwhelming evidence that the building was legally purchased from its previous Arab owner. [...]  Click here to read more.

The Golan and Leftist Abuse of Language and Morality


Caroline Glick writes a damning indictment of the Left’s hypocrisy in assaulting language and, as a result, legality, morality and Jewish land and sovereignty. This post deals only with the hypocrisy regarding the left’s assault on legality, morality and Jewish land and sovereignty, although Glick drives home her point citing everything from feminist Education Minister Yuli Tamir’s advocacy of clitoridectomies in the Moslem world to the US presidential race where American feminists have “employed pornographic… and unabashedly chauvinist” invective against Republican VP candidate Governor Sarah Palin for her anti-abortion views. [...]  Click here to read more.

Judaism, Torah and Israel’s Security Ditched by Israeli Governance


In case this blog’s readers haver wondered about the dearth of commentary here, it is increasingly difficult to churn out thoughts regarding the myriads of ways in which religious Jews are being undermined and degraded and the ways in which Israel’s security and sovereignty is being damned by leftist elites and their cronies and stooges of Israeli governance. MB

Here is a selection reports and commentaries making that very point;

Olmert’s Parting Blows, by Caroline Glick (Jerusalem Post) [...]  Click here to read more.

“Truce” of Weakness Emboldens Terrorists, Schalit Further From Freedom


The Olmert, Kadima, Barak, Livni, Yishai government of weakness, equivocation and partisan convenience has given up the store, the entirety of Israel’s diplomatic and military assets and set back Israel’s credibility to a historic low-point. Their lack of stregnth and principle has netted a minus in all areas, credibility, principle, hasbara and national branding. Gilad Schalit is further from liberation than ever.

Evelyn Gordon’s Must-Read analysis sums up this way; [...]  Click here to read more.

Why Israel’s Self-Inflicted Defeats in PR/Hasbara?

One must wonder why the Dory Golds and Ashley Perrys are not among the movers and shakers of Israeli Hasbara, rather than the marginal literacy of Tzipy Livni and her foreign ministry of multi-religional, incompetent, incoherent and self-defeating attempts at branding and hasbara. What truly lies beneath the destructo nature of the foreign ministry of Israel’s institutional incoherence, incompetency and resultant loss of military deterrence? Ashley Perry’s piece explains succinctly what “occupation” is and what it’s not. MB [...]  Click here to read more.

The Foreign Ministry and the Re-Branding of Israel; Again?

On Wednesday evening, I was among 200 bloggers in Israel who attended Nefesh b’Nefesh’s first annual Bloggers Conference held at NBN offices in Givat Shaul.

There was nothing much new to come out of the various panel discussions, Q & As beyond the opportunities for face-to-face, in-person networking amongst bloggers. But the deli and salads were great.

For me, the comments at the conference compelled a re-focusing on old-fashioned proven methods of SEO — swapping blogroll links and blog comments with other bloggers in Jewish blogosphere. [...]  Click here to read more.