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Yishuv Adura

Hachnasat Sefer Torah Celebration

May 30, 2007 -- 13 Sivan, 5767

Adura is located near Chevron and Kiryat Arba and is the site where 4 residents were killed and 2 others severely wounded in an Arab terror attack on a Shabbos, 27 April, 2002. A 5th resident of Adura was murdered in a pigu'a in the center of Jerusalem two months before.

Magen David


The "brave Arab 'freedom fighters(sic)' " infiltrated Yishuv Adura on Shabbos disguised as IDF soldiers. They first began sniping on the neighborhood from a vacant home on a high point of the Yishuv. Then they stormed into Jewish homes killing the occupants.

A group of men attempted to come in back of the terrorists to surprise them. When they reached a clearing, they got the shock of their lives; they spotted men who they assumed, by their attire, to be chayalim. They called out to the men that they thought were IDF soldiers telling them not to shoot, that they were not terrorists. But the terrorists, disguised as IDF soldiers, opened fire on the group killing a young man and wounding another. This Sefer Torah is a fitting dedication to our brothers who lost their precious lives to Arab terror, as well as to make Yishuv Adura a Mokom Torah, joining Neshamot who have leyned, kissed and danced with the Sefer Torah -- past, present and future.


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