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There are many web-sites, news releases, menus, advertisements and other forms of correspondence and publicity put out by Israeli companies to promote their businesses, products, software, technologies, etc.  These sites and publicity vehicles are highly professional in design and conceptually eye-catching.  However, many of these sites, publicity pieces, etc. lack the professional touch of grammatically correct English sentence structure and correct spelling.


If the first impression made by an applicant on a prospective employer is the quality of the applicant's resume, or CV, then so much more so is a Company's web-site, corporate correspondence or promotional tools the first impression made on an investor or a prospective English-speaking client.  In short, poor English grammar, sentence structure and spelling are turnoffs costing your organization an opportunity for Seed funds, First or Second Round Financing or that lucrative American, British or other English-speaking client. 

Therefore, I offer my services, under an economic pricing structure, as a professional alternative to problematic in-house English text.  Now you can bring an added dimension to your site, corporate correspondence, promotional piece or restaurant menu which will make it truly stand out as professional.  Let the web or graphic designer create and design your site or publicity piece.   I'll take care of your English textual content.

Let me turn your site's text -- the run-on sentences, misspellings and English grammatical errors into perfect, "prime-time-ready" English textual content.  I have the availability of developing text directly from Iv'rit to perfect English for new sites.   The professionalism of your English Textual Content may just make the difference in terms of closing Venture Capital deals, closing that major sales deal or appealing to English-speaking Clients.

Want more proof??   You read this message, didn't you??

I'm available to handle ALL of your English language needs including corporate correspondence and internet research/marketing.   Please contact me at the above telephone number.


Moshe Burt 

My resume can be found here.


Organizations which have used my services:

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