Speaking of Israel’s National “Brand”



Yep, that’s me, making the point that needs to be made to the Foreign Ministry, and indeed every ministry and functionary of Israeli governance again and again and again until it sinks irrevocably into their consciousness; “But we ARE a Jewish state.”

A hat tip goes to Batya Medad for taking this shot.

And I ought to give a plug to Batya’s husband Yisrael Medad who has had a distinguished career serving B’nai Yisrael and Yishuv Eretz Yisrael.

This post expands on two areas of the Brand managment presentation made by a representative of the Foreign Ministry at Nefesh b’Nefesh’s Blogger’s Conference. [...]  Click here to read more.

The Why’s of Israel’s PR Failures


Martin Sherman’s comments on the abysmal failure of Israel’s hasbara allude to the fact that a relative handful of wealthy elitists who wield power through the consolidation of much of the nation’s financial resources, as well as through the intelligencia and the judicial system in order to “to shape events here, to mold opinions and to determine what processes should be set in motion and which should not.”

This “shaping of events by the elitists” has produced side affects which have further compounded Israel’s already apparent systemic hasbara failures.  [...]  Click here to read more.

Gay Bash a Bust, But Watch for Precedent

Today’s gay march in Jerusalem was, B’H a bust. While litigants from both sides spent most of Wednesday and Thursday wrapped in Supreme Court petition arguments, there were many more police and many more religious counter-demonstrators than there were fruity marchers. And the Big Deal; it came down to a march of a several hundred yards. One of Ryan Howard’s well-struck blasts travels further than the length of the parade.

Haaretz reported on the parade route; [...]  Click here to read more.

Israel’s “Re-Branding”: Livni’s Foreign Ministry Re-Branding Israel as Sodom?

Bikini Branding and the Holy Land, by Yishai Fleisher (Israel National News)

For context, click here.


In a bid to “re-brand” Israel’s unpopular world image, Tzippy Livni and the gang at the Foreign Ministry are about to embark on a massive PR campaign. Livni plans to paint Israel as a sexy, modern country with beautiful beaches and a successful high-tech industry to boot. Livni believes that by embarking on this “nation branding” campaign, she can move the perception of Israel away from war-torn and fanatical, to an image of the great Israeli dream – normalcy. [...]  Click here to read more.

Foreign Ministry Efforts to Reinvent Israel as Liberal/Gay-Friendly…

Column One: Truth in Advertising, by Caroline Glick (Jerusalem Post)

“One of the primary target audiences that the Foreign Ministry is trying to attract is the homosexual community. Ministry officials view gay culture as the entryway to the liberal culture because, as he put it, gay culture is the culture that creates ‘a buzz.'”

“The so-called liberal Left are the ones who call Israel “that shi**y little country” at fancy dinner parties.”


Israel is trying to reinvent itself. Last week Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni hosted a conference where she launched a new multimillion dollar project to “rebrand” Israel. As Livni put it, since coming into office, she has been struck by the disparity between the vibrant, liberal, free Israel she knows and Israel’s image abroad. [...]  Click here to read more.