Friday, Shabbos, Sunday War News: Kassam Rocket, IAF Response and Gaza Terrorists Detonate Bomb Near Troops; Terrorist Nabbed Near Modiin Illit, 4 Rock Attacks Upon Jewish Autos

Parsha Korach 5769: Proficiency and Merit vs Protexia and Political Self-Interest


by Moshe Burt

This Parsha HaShevua may seem to the reader a continuation of Parsha Shelach. This is done by intention because it seems very much as if Korach and his attempted power grab is a logical after-affect of the denial of Eetz Yisrael by 10 of the 12 miraglim (spies).

The Sefer “Torah Gems” by Aharon Yaakov Greenberg states the following thought; “Now took Korach…”; that Korach was blessed with many positive attributes: fine lineage, wisdom, qualities worthy of a leader of B’nai Yisrael. “‘Now took Korach — he took himself.’ He did not wait until he was offered the leadership, but he sought to take it by force. That is why he is not worthy of it.” (Torah Gems, by Aharon Yaakov Greenberg, Parsha Korach, Volume 3, page 79.) [...]  Click here to read more.

Tuesday Thru Thursday War News: Gaza Terrorist Gunmen Fire at IDF at Border Points, Terrorists Killed in Smuggling Tunnel Collapse; 34 Terrorists Nabbed in Operations, Arabs Stone Jewish Autos, Police Foil PA Arabs’ Infiltration by Dead Sea

Obama’s Cairo Speech, Policies and the Jews



I am dispensing with the 3rd person “this author” on this one. America’s president Barack Hussein Obama has made his Cairo speech. Aside from the questions of what it’s decipherings, implications and deeper meanings and analysis could mean to Israel and to the Jewish world, the question is; What Should Hussein Obama’s Cairo ingratiation to Islam mean to a Jewish state of Israel, to a real Jewish governance, and to the Jewish world?

What I see Obama’s speech meaning is that at long last, Israel must once and for all be weaned off the bosom of slavery to American aid and American approval. What it shows is that Israel MUST shake mentality of dependence (thus enslavement) and return to self-reliance of her modern-day-statehood-founding and of her Six-Day War resourceness — with home-bred talent, ingenuity and self-reliance which goes along with it, as well as reliance upon Hashem. What it proves is what I have been writing for years, that Jews are obligated to but One Ultimate Authority — Hashem in Shemayim. And when earthly Jewish leaders are NOT L’shem Shemayim, but are about L’shem their own self-interests, agendas, prejudices, their own self-enrichment and self-aggrandisement, self-affectionation and self-perpetuation of their own power and influence; they are clearly not worthy to lead the B’nai Yisrael. That is what sets apart Moshe Rabbeinu, Aaron HaKohen and certain other select Jewish leaders down through history from the Yudenrat: Real Leaders vs Corrupt, Evil Pretenders. If Jews and Jewish leadership act like Jews, then we are impervious to the Obamas, Clintons or, you name it srom successive previous American governments, [...]  Click here to read more.

Sunday, Monday War News: Major Terror Attack, Kidnapping at Karni Crossing Foiled by IDF; 10 Terrorists Nabbed, Stonings, Firebomb Attacks on Jewish Autos Near Ramallah, Sinjil, Hevron, Near Tapuach Junction as Arab Crossings in the Shechem Area Open 24/7 for “Goodwill”

Parsha Shelach 5769: Shelach Turned on its Head


by Moshe Burt

Observing the political governmental scene in Israel today, this author’s memories harken back to the late-1980s in Philadelphia, in the years just prior to becoming Ba’al Teshuva.

The conservative synagogue attended for Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur had a practice of bringing in a young JTS (Jewish Theological Seminary) guest Rabbi to help and assist the synagogue’s long-time Rabbi who was getting on in years. This particular Yomim Tovim, they brought in a young fellow who proceeded to pitch the philosophies of Breira, one of the leftist-agendized predecessors of Shalom Achshav. [...]  Click here to read more.

Thursday, Friday, Shabbos War News: Kassam Rocket Hits West Negev, Firebomb Attacks on Karni Crossing, Abu Dis, Terrorist Nabbed With Knife in Hevron, 2 Auto “Accidents” Involving PA Cars -Jewish Teen Killed, Pipe Bombs in Kalkilya, Shechem as Kalkilya Roadblock Comes Down, Terrorist Nabbed Near Ramallah, Near-Lynch of MKs Eldad, Ariel, Uranium Traces Found At Syrian Site Bombed by Israel in 2006

Tuesday, Wednesday War News: Islamic Terror Continues, but Barak’s IDF Keeps Ousting Jews, Removing Roadblocks, Easing Restrictions on Arabs

Shabbos Thru Monday War News: Gaza Mortar Attacks, Hamas Continues Military Build Up; 13 Terrorists Nabbed – 1 With Pipe Bomb, Senior Hamas Terrorist Killed, Arabs Nabbed Digging for Jewish Gold