Election Postscript: Shas Chareidi Mayor for Beit Shemesh


Official Final Numbers, as sent from Shalom Lerner Campaign Headquarters;

For Mayor;

Abutbol – 46.7
Lerner – 28.4
Vaknin – 24.9

For City Council:

UTJ – 5
B’Yachad – 3
Shas – 3
Dor Acher (Balayish) – 2
Likud – 2
Mishpacha Acat (Russians) – 2
Labor – 1
Tov – 1
Chen – 0

Shas Chareidi candidate Moshe Abutbul has apparently been swept into office as Mayor of Beit Shemesh garnering 52% of the vote to B’yachad’s Shalom Lerner with 30% and incumbent Mayor Danny Vaknin a distant 3rd with 17.7% of the vote in a campaign which degenerated into a host of dirty tricks and “stinking manuevers”, mostly by coordinated by one candidate’s campaign, in the final 72 hours before the vote and in which there were a slew of voting irregularities (i.e. torn or non-existent Shalom Lerner ballot slips at certain voting stations) on election day.

Please keep in mind that the numbers shown here are not official and, unlike in the U.S. or even the results of a national election, there will be a number of versions of the results until we have the actual official numbers.

Rafi’s Life in Israel blog provides a graphic on the apparent layout of the next city council.

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