Olmert’s Words on Holocaust, Actions in Direct Contradiction



The righteous-appearing comments of prime minister Olmert on the Holocaust are nothing more than shallow, self-serving rhetoric. Olmert reveals with these words not the least comprehension of the implications and true meanings of words he mutters, were these words to have been spoken by a true leader of the Jewish people.

But Israel’s Spirit with which “no power… can contend” seemingly appears, in Olmert’s view of actuality “too tired to fight, too tired to win… “ These very words will be repeated again, and again, and again to bear witness against Ehud Olmert and his ilk as long as he and they remain they government in power; as long as Olmert remains in politics.

Olmert has been the very epitome of weakness; the weakness of Annapolis, the blindness of hate (of Jewishness) and weakness of will which perpetrates the division of Jerusalem. He was the chief promoter and a leading perpetrator of some of the most shameful acts ever perpetrated by one Israeli against another and perhaps the paradigm catastrophy of the generations since the Holocaust; the expulsion by Israelis of Jews from Gush Katif. MB

Olmert: No Power in the World Can Contend With Israel’s Spirit

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“Any who deny the Holocaust wish to deny Israel’s right to exist,” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned Wednesday evening during the opening ceremony for Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“There is no power in the world that can contend with the spirit of this nation, which emerged from the depths of extermination to heights of the creativity, success… and strength of Israel,” the prime minister said.

Olmert: Holocaust Showed Need for Jewish State

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The Holocaust emphasized the need for a Jewish state, but Israel does not exist as a result of the Holocaust, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said at the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day Ceremony Wednesday night. “Even 63 years later, who would believe that hatred of Jews and Israelis would rear its ugly head on various stages around the world,… and among them can be counted the voices of the deniers. Their animosity drives them insane, and they foolishly deny the greatest horror ever known to humanity,” he said.

Continuing a theme chastising Holocaust deniers, the Prime Minister added, “You who deny the truth documented in millions of documents; you who deny the train tracks and the crematoria and the death camps left behind as a silent memorial; you who deny the eyewitness testimony of millions of people–you wish to deny the justifiability of the existence of a Jewish state, and are wrong to think that the Jewish state was established as a result of the Holocaust.

“Never again will a Jewish child be led, with his hands held up as a sign of surrender, to the valley of death; never again will a man be separated from his wife, a child from her father and a grandson from his grandfather–only because they are Jews.”

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