Feiglin, Manhigut Yehudit Confront Olmert’s and Ramon’s Plans and Schemes to Divide Jerusalem Sovereignty With Abbas


Recently Bitterlemons.org conducted an interview with Palestinian Waqf supervisor Adnan Husseini. Here is the text of the point he made;

Husseini: We want a city with two sovereignties, open to each other and with full recognition between the two sides. There will certainly be technical issues that will need practical resolution, but nothing to do with the fundamental issues of land sovereignty.

The holy places are a closed file. This is not negotiable. The Aqsa Mosque is not something that can be compromised on, nor is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This is a closed file. The Old City is the heart of East Jerusalem, and everything else is the natural extension of this city.

To this, Jews MUST RESPOND; Jerusalem, in it’s entirety including Har HaBayit (The Temple Mount) is Jewish land by Divine legacy — period! Whoever is soo naive, gullible or insane enough to believe Husseini’s comments; “two sovereignties, open to each other and with full recognition between the two sides” need only recall the desecration of Jewish Holy Sites and places of worship and the general state of East Jerusalem under Jordanian control prior to the Six Day War.

Further proof can be found of desecration and destruction of Jewish Holy Places and Holy articles currently taking place on Har HaBayit, with much of the remains of the desecration being unceremoniously dumped in the Kidron Valley.

In response to the plans and schemes devised by Olmert and his perverted trial-balloon man Haim Ramon to divide sovereignty of Jerusalem and it’s Holy Places with Abbas, Feiglin has launched a campaign dubbed Operation Jewish Shield.

Feiglin Launches Operation Jerusalem Shield

Full Text;

Moshe Feiglin head of the Jewish Leadership faction of the Likud party, has launched an Operation Jewish Shield campaign against the Olmert administration plans to divide the capital with the Palestinian Authority (PA). The Prime Minister has claimed that his proposal is to give up sovereignty in Arab neighborhoods that are in eastern Jerusalem but outside the separation barrier. However, his close aide Vice Prime Minister Chaim Ramon is pushing a plan to surrender most of eastern Jerusalem.

Feiglin pointed out in his weekly newsletter that the plan would force out 80 percent of the Jews living in the Old City and would turn over major yeshivas, including Ateret Cohanim, to the PA. The Ramon plan, which the Prime Minister has not opposed, also would bar access of Jews to the Mount of Olives and would expel Jews from the City of David, where dozens of houses have been bought and legally registered.

Feiglin called on the Likud party to sign a document promising not to agree to the proposed deal.

Here is a description of the evolving plan which Feiglin envisions;


The main focus of “Operation Jerusalem Shield” is to pressure all Knesset members – starting with Likud – to commit IN WRITING that they will NEVER honor agreements signed by Olmert, or anyone else, regarding Jerusalem.

All polls show that Likud will lead the next government and Moshe Feiglin wants to make 100% certain that the entire world knows the Likud will declare all Jerusalem deals – NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY – as totally NULL and VOID!

Simply put: Jerusalem is NOT negotiable. Not now… not ever.

Manhigut Yehudit is asking for your involvement in “Operation Jerusalem Shield”.

  • 1) Lobbying efforts in the Knesset with Likud members and then with other Knesset parties as well
  • 2) Massive PR campaign that will pressure as many Knesset members as possible to sign our pledge
  • 3) Street demonstrations – all over Israel – focused at getting grass-roots suppport
  • 4) International media campaign
  • 5) Internet projects, in several languages, to educate the world about our program; video and audio included.

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“What occurred in Peki’in is the answer to those who ask what we want with the Arab villages on the outskirts of Jerusalem,” Feiglin said. “Someone who does not understand the justice of our sovereignty in Jerusalem is not able to stand up to Arab claims of ownership anywhere in the Land of Israel.”

Feiglin said that the phenomenon of Druze riots against Israel is a result of Israel’s own lack of principles. “It is natural that the Druze will in the end join the side that believes in its own justice,” Feiglin said.

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