Amona-Gate: Six Missing Minutes of Police Briefing Footage

Six Minutes of Footage Missing In Video on Amona

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Police Suspected of Fabricating Evidence in Attack on Jews


Six minutes of footage are missing in a video on a briefing of police officers that was belatedly turned over to the Israel Policy Center, the center’s director Yitzhak Klein said. “It appeared that the material was extracted from a larger body of material,” he said. “We requested the raw footage, but the police said that this is all the footage they have.”

He charged on Monday that police may have doctored the video of the briefing of policemen in preparation for the demolitions at the community of Amona last year. The video shows police commander Yisrael Yitzhak briefing officers and was released six months after the demolitions, in which mounted police crushed protestors and beat them with clubs.

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